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Elizabeth Reaser Long Curly Hairstyle

Elizabeth Reaser won fan adoration from her role as an amnesiac on Grey's Anatomy.

After leaving Grey's Anatomy after her story line ended, she took on the quirky role of Bella Bloom on the short lived Ex List on CBS.

Elizabeth is generally known for wearing her tresses long and full of sassy waves and curls.

November 17, 2008 was no exception when the beautiful actress appeared at the Los Angeles premiere of Twilight. Elizabeth was wearing her stunning tresses coiffed into a very long and lush curly hairstyle intertwined with loose waves cascading from a center part.

Elizabeth's sensuous curls and waves framed her square shaped face and highlighted her gorgeous eyes, lips and skin.

Her hair color was a combination of three different hues of intertwined chocolate brown.  Ribbons of caramel, honey and golden blonde swirled through the chocolate base and were heavily concentrated throughout the curls and waves.

The sensual combination of multi-dimensional chocolate hues combined with the highlights provided a rich shimmer and added the image of body and movement.

Is Elizabeth wearing hair extensions?  It's true that her hair looks much fuller than normal.  This fullness could have been engineered with well-place clip-in extension strands.  Of course it's also possible that Elizabeth's hairdresser used lots of curls and styling tricks to blow up her normal texture.

To re-create Elizabeth's recent hairstyle on the Red Carpet start with a wet set.

Follow the steps below:

1.  Shampoo hair.

To create more fullness and volume use a volumizing shampoo.  Avoid applying a rinse out conditioner unless hair is damaged.

2.  Finish with a cool/cold rinse.

3.  Towel blot and then apply a styling mousse or other styling products.

To amp up hair color opt for Ken Paves Healthy Hair Color Drops mixed in with your styling products to increase color depth and shine.

4.  Separate hair into 2" sections and roll on the largest curlers you can find.

5.  Once hair is completely rolled, sit under a hood or bonnet style dryer until hair is 100% dry.

6.  After curlers are 100% remove the curlers.

7.  Spray hair with styling spray.

8.  Use fingers to deconstruct and arrange curls in desired pattern.

Spray with firm holding hairspray and if desired finish with a shine serum.

If hair is not curly enough from the wet set use a small barrel curling iron to create tighter curls.  If you prefer use a clip-in style hair extension cap to supplement your newly formed curls.  Or pin in individual pre-curled extension pieces.

For more images of Elizabeth check out the Elizabeth Reaser's Celebrity Hairstyle.  To talk about Elizabeth's hairstyles visit the HairTalk Forum.

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