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Alex Kingston Naturally Curly Haired Beauty Confesses Plastic Surgery

In the May 25th issue of Globe Magazine the strawberry blonde actress best known for her work on ER as Dr. Elizabeth Corday discusses plastic surgery and her acting career.

Alex confessed she is thinking about "going under the knife for real" so she can :land roles in youth-obsessed Hollywood."

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The 46 year old actress who was on ER from 1997 until 2004 actually returned to help close down the beloved medical drama in 2009.

The actress confessed even though she gets great parts in her native Britain, the case is different in Hollywood where youth is more important.

Alex explained "I'll go for auditions to play professional women with teenage kids, and they'll say, 'You're absolutely what we want, but we're going to go a little younger' and they'll pick actresses who are 35."

Although the naturally curly haired actress has "always" insisted she'd never have cosmetic surgery, she now confesses to having bags under her eyes removed during her second year on ER.  She also confesses her undereye surgery "was great."

The beautiful and multi-talented actress is concerned about the formation of jowls which could hurt her chances ever more of nabbing great Hollywood acting gigs.  she said "I look at myslef in the mirror and I can see that I am going to go jowly soon.".  She also says "I was talking to a make-up artists recently who said everyon has had work done.  They are starting as young as 28."

The former Dr. Elizabeth Corday who is married to German journalist hubby Florian Haertel, says her husband would not be happy if she had more plastic surgery done.  However, she says "I look around and see all these women who look fantastic.  So I am paranoid."

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