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Why Jennifer Lawrence Chose Black Louis Vuitton For 2011 Golden Globes

Stylist Elizabeth Stewart dished to E Fashion Police about how she dressed her Golden Globe nominated star, Jennifer Lawrence for the big awards ceremony.  Elizabeth said Jennifer was nominated for Winter's Bone, we're very excited."

Elizabeth said that Jennifer is wearing Louis Vuitton.  It's beautiful.  It's black.  I saw so much red and pink and gold out there that I thought we wanted to go against that.  She's super confident, she's super cool, she wanted to wear something dark, it fits her personality, so there you have it.  It's spectacular Louis Vuitton."

(Image of Jennifer Lawrence - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Although Guilana pointed out that Jennifer has been seen on other Red Carpets in lighter colors, it's cool she's going with an all black look.

Elizabeth Stewart  said Jennifer "get its" with regard to fashion and edgy look.  She said "she's twenty years old, you show it to her and she gets it right away which is nice because she hasn't been exposed to fashion up until now but you know you can tell.  Give us a few years and she's going to be walking all these runways."

Elizabeth predicted that there would be a lot of "red" on the 2011 Golden Globe Red Carpets.  In fact, the prevalence of red fashions was one of the reason the celebrity stylist steered her client, Jennifer Lawrence, away from it.  She also said she saw "a lot of great hot pinks and a lot of pale sort of metallics as well.  I'm not psychic but that's what I was seeing.  So I guess we'll see what's out there."

Elizabeth said she was hoping her client would be "one of the few girls in black but let's see, I'm not sure."  The E Team pointed out that black is not the most popular Red Carpet color and Elizabeth agreed but said "it's very her.  No matter what anyone thinks of it.  She's being true to herself."

The E Fashion police believe that Jennifer Lawrence is an up and coming fashionista because she is tall, blonde, gorgeous and very talented.

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