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Hair Accessories: You Really Do Get What You Pay For!

For most people it's understood that you get what you pay for.  A headband (hair clip, barrette or similar) which costs $3.50 is not the same as a $35 dollar headband, a $350 headband, or even a $3,500 headband.

Differences Between $3.50, $35, $350 and $3,500

Why?  The $350 and $3,500 headbands will usually be unique in someway.  They will be custom designed by a "couture" or a name brand designer such as Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel or similar.  They will more likely than not be made of the finest hand picked materials (fine leather, silk, satin, etc) and will usually be hand sewn (by a human) and crafted including hand beading or similar.

There is even a major difference between a $3.50 and a $35.00 headband.

Why Do Price Differences Exist?

Why do the price differences exist?  Why do some people spend $3.50 on a pair of flip flips (yes, I am into those comfy shoe toys) while others spend $350 on a pair of hand sewn sandals?  They both offer comfort but it all depends on what your budget is and what you want to spend.

Does that mean that a $3.50 headband is automatically inferior or defective?  No, it is what it is.  A cheap way to adorn or hold back your hair.  Will it fit as perfectly as the $35 headband?  Probably not.  But that is also understood.  At least by most people who have a clue.

A headband which costs $3.50 is almost always imported, is mass produced, is made of the lowest quality of materials (often remnents) and is wrapped around a cardboard frame rather than foam, metal or other more study foundations.

Of course cardboard costs a lot less than foam, metal or other pieces.  Remnant fabric is not silk or satin or even higher quality cotton.  Inexpensive headbands are stapled or glued while higher priced items are sewn.  Glue and staples are not the same as thread or hand sewn.

$3.50 Flip Flops May Not Last Long But It's All Relative

I understand when I shop for $3.50 flip flops that they won't last long.  But I don't care because they are what they are.  Cheap flip flops.  Yes, I have expensive shoes and boots, but for the hot summers in Dallas flip flops from Target or Walmart work for gardening or hanging out.

Do they fit perfectly?  No.  Are they hand made?  No.  Do they work for me?  Yes.

Price Versus Quality - There Is A Correlation

It always amazes me when someone wants to buy a $3.50 headband, which we are happy to make available for a person with a tight budget, and then complains because it's not of the same high quality as our $35 headbands.

I used to agonize about whether we should even offer lower priced alternatives because people do sometimes expect to be able to spend just a few bucks, but get the same quality as a hand sewn or hand crafted item.  What's up with that?  I don't get it.  I decided to offer the budget items due to customer requests and because of our current economic times.

Warning:  This Is Walmart

Does Walmart have to install signs on the front of their building that says Warning:  Low Priced Items May Not Be Of Similar Quality To Higher Priced Items?  I don't think so.  Walmart has created a business model built around offering "affordable" items.  Affordable means lower quality everything.

If you want hair accessories that are hand designed, hand crafted that will last a long time and be a good investment, don't dig around in the $3.50 bins.  If you do decide to buy the inexpensive items understand that you really and truly get what you pay for.

Chic Can Be Chick But Be Realistic

Consumers who opt for the cheap products (which can be chic if taken in the right spirit) shouldn't act shocked or deceived by the ultimate quality of an inexpensive item.  Afterall, consider how much a retailer is making on a $3.50 item.  Another feature of buying inexpensive items is  limited customer service since the retailer is probably losing money on every transaction.    Unfortunately humans don't work for free, at least I haven't found any yet.

That's Why They're Called Loss Leaders

Maybe that's why they call those inexpensive hair and fashion accessory items "loss leaders" or maybe it's why the term "you get what you pay for" is common knowledge.

There's nothing wrong with Walmart or other affordable cheap chic style chains, but please reset your expectations of the quality and service of those companies and their products, if you wish to shop there.  And no, don't expect them to post warning signs.  Let the price tag always be your guide.

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