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Shear Genius 3 Episode 9 Recap - Who's Sniffing Hair Extension Glue?

I've had a hard time forcing myself to sit down and write the recap from last night's Shear Genius 3.  Yes, I watched it.  In fact, I watched it twice last night and once today.

(Image of Janine Jarman - Shear Genius 3 - Episode 9 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

I kept thinking I was hallucinating when I watched the episodes.  Then I wondered if the producers had been sniffing the hair extension glue?  Or maybe they were overcome with hair spray or hair color fumes?  I kept screaming at the TV, O-M-G as if anyone, but my neighbors could hear me.

For those not following this hair road to insanity, last week the hair styling impostor known as Brig, somehow managed to squeak by and not get eliminated - again.   Seriously?

Yes, in my humble (hold the hate please) opinion as a person who has been on both sides of the hairdressing chair for many years, Brig should have been eliminated long ago. 

I decided after she kept surviving her hair disasters that the show was B-rigged to keep it exciting and entertaining.  When Brian was sent home instead of Brig I was literally crying.  I loved Brian's quirky comments, his great curls and I thought he was very talented as a hairdresser.

(Image of Final Four - LR - Jon, Matthew, Janine and Brig - Shear Genius 3 - Episode 9 - Short Cut Challenge - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Last night Episode 9, (the last one before the final next week), started with the Final Four getting into a limo to go to a secret "VIP's mansion in the Hollywood Hills" to coif the star for a Red Carpet event.

Matthew, Jon, B-rigged and Janine were greeted by Camilla and Orlando Pita outside by what appeared to be Camilla's pool.

The four were told their Short Cut Challenge was to create a hairstyle on Camilla "appropriate for a night out."  Brig, wearing a gigantic garish red polka dot hair bow with Harem pants, lucked out and selected the first scissor box.  She and Camilla did not see eye to eye on the bun Brig wanted to create.  Brig said her bun would have pins sticking out. Camilla was not buying it and wanted something "more simple."

(Image of Janine Jarman With Camila Alves - Shear Genius 3 - Episode 9 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Janine was second.  Camilla questioned her about what was going on with Brig.  Janine wanted to do the hair down and Camilla didn't like it.  She told Janine it was cute, but not polished enough.  Janine tweaked it by pushing the hair behind one ear.

Matthew wanted to go with a classic look for Camilla.  He pointed out it was "tough" to do a look on Camilla's hair in such a short time frame because she had so much hair.  Camille accused Matthew of not doing "clean sectioning" on her hair.   Meanwhile she was peppering him with personal questions about his life.

Did Camilla have eyes in the back of her head?  What did she think a world class stylist like Matthew was doing? Camilla may be a supermodel, but my lackluster opinion of her as a host and judge took a negative turn.  I thought she was overly demanding and critical.  Plus I think she was trying to sabotage the stylists by distracting them with lots of questions.

(Image of Matthew on Shear Genius 3 - Episode 9 - Short Cut Challenges With Camila Alves As Client - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

I thought the Short Cut Challenge wasn't fair.  Camilla did have a lot of hair which is naturally curly.  The stylists should have had at least one hour.  The whole challenge smelled fishy to me.

Jon, like Brig and Matthew did an updo.  Jon "got" Camilla with his hot iron when he was creating her updo.  Camilla warned Jon to be careful.  This ties to a past episode where she felt he was too rough with the model.  Jon also pointed out 45 minutes just wasn't enough for Camilla's texture.

The Short Cuts results?  Camilla didn't think Brig's hairstyle was "age appropriate" and the look was "too young".

She loved Janine's hairstyle because "it was simple and down.  Unfortunately she felt Janine made a mistake using a round brush and blow dryer on her hair because she didn't believe the style would last and didn't have enough heat.

(Image of Camila Alves After Short Cut Challenge Created By Brig - Shear Genius 3 - Episode 9 - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Camille complained about the bump in the back from Matthew's hairdo.  She liked Jon's shape to start, but felt he didn't execute the style correctly.

The winner?  Matthew.  She said the edges were smooth (one of her pet peeves), straight and clean.  She said the hairstyle would work on a Red Carpet and she could be photographed wearing it.

The loser?  Camilla didn't really pick one.  Meanwhile Jon, who is hilarious, was playing yo-yos with Brig who was telling the SG cameras that Jon had to hang out with her now.

A Complex Elimination Challenge

The Elimination Challenge was more complex than normal.  It involved creating a portfolio with two models which represented the SG3 contestant's hair vision.  They also had to style themselves as part of the portfolio.  The three portfolio hair looks were ideally supposed to tell a complete story.

(Image of Judges & Consultants - LR - Orlando Pita, Camila Alves and Oribe - Shear Genius 3 - Episode 9 - Elimination Challenge - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

The guest judge was introduced and it was the renowned celebrity hairstylist, Oribe, who has a gorgeous head of silver streaked hair. The remaining contestants were freaked out because Oribe is truly an icon in the biz.

Matthew, winner of the Short Cut Challenge, got first selection of the models.  Brig was second, Jon was third and Janine was last.

Matthew seemed very confident while Jon appeared to really taking a lot of risks.  In fact, one of his models had very fine hair.  Jon deliberately selected the model with fine hair because he told the SG cameras he had skills with that type of hair texture.  Oribe seemed impressed when Jon chose a model with challenging hair texture.

Janine Struggled With The Shape Of An Afro

Janine struggled with the ultimate shape of her "Afro" hairstyle and was not thrilled by her own styling.  Jon also struggled while Brig was just way out there with her two hairstyles which actually worked in harmony with her own styling.  Matthew's work was totally stunning and told a complete story.

(Image of Janine Jarman - Shear Genius 3 - Episode 9 - Elimination Challenge - Afro Model - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

The final two?  Matthew and Brig.  The bottom two?  Janine and Jon.

If you read this blog you know that I adore Janine and think she should win.  I also love Matthew's work but have preference for Janine.

I think Jon is hilarious, but as it has been explained throughout the competition, his expertise lies in cutting and color.  Not necessarily styling although he has hit the ball out of the park a few times with some of his hairstyles, especially the Food Elimination Challenge where he created a hairstyle inspired by scallops.

Ultimately Brig won the Elimination Challenge.  Needless to say I was shocked since I thought Matthew's work was stellar.  I understand why the judges had problems with Janine's Afro hairstyle and Jon's work.  However, I could not really see their decision to give the win to Brig.  Sheesh.

I love Bravo and I love Shear Genius but I have to say that Brig should never have been allowed to stay in the competition with the quality of her work during past Short Cut and Elimination Challenges.

(Shear Genius 3 - Episode 9 - Final Three - Brig, Matthew, Janine - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

I did not agree with the judges on the Elimination Challenge.  Now we have to watch Brig for yet one more week.  If there is any way Brig wins Shear Genius 3 it will be a total miscarriage of hair styling justice.  Of course it will make for great ratings that she is in the Final Three.

I was sad to see Jon go.  I thought it would have been great for Jon, Janine and Matthew to be in the final three but in all fairness, the drama wouldn't be there which drives ratings.

(Image of Janine and Jon - Bottom Two - Shear Genius 3 - Episode 9 - Hugging Before Jon Left The Show in Elimination Challenge - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

Who do you think will win and do you think the last few weeks have been B-rigged?

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