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Zoe Saldana Said She Willingly Gave 150% On Avatar

Zoe Saldana At 2010 Academy Awards

Zoe Saldana Said She Willingly Gave 150% On Avatar

Ryan Seacrest started his Red Carpet interview with Avatar actress Zoe Saladana by first introducing her to the Mayor of Los Angeles (Mayor Via Rogosa) and his lovely girlfriend Lou.

The Mayor told Zoe how much he loved the movie.  He said "I saw Avatar and I loved it.  And I think it's the best movie this year.  And I loved the promoting of the value of animal welfare and the environment."

Zoe was thrilled and said "Oh my god."  Ryan said "she was pretty sexy in it even blue with a tail."  The mayor and his girlfriend agreed.  The mayor said "that too."

Ryan said to the mayor "a big night for our city.  See ya later brother."

Zoe's Physically Demanding Role

Ryan started off his interview with Zoe by saying "let's start with how physically demanding it was because we know you were acting that out, but not seeing you act it out, we're seeing the character."

Zoe shook her head in agreement and said "no, it actually was me because that's what motion capture is actually."

Ryan "you're attached to everything?"  Zoe agreed saying "and all these dots are being transferred and they capture everything that you do,  but just put the character on top of it."

Zoe continued "But everything I did, if I didn't walk, the character wouldn't walk.  But it was the most amazing thing.  This technology actually complements an actor's performance.  As opposed to substituting it."

Was James Cameron Intimidating

Zoe Saldana

Ryan continued with his interview by asking "was it ever intimidating once you started to sit with Jim (James Cameron) a little bit? And (t0) learn about this (brand new) world.  This guy created a planet.  He created a language. He created that sound (the hiss). How do you do that (the hiss?)?"

Zoe agreed "it's inspiring.  The hiss, yeah (and she demonstrated how to do it).  It's inspiring because he demands so much excellence from himself and you only feel compelled to do the same for you.  And if you're creating with Jim, I mean the perspective and the integrity it took from him to create something out of thin air."

Giving 150%

Zoe continued "The least that we all could have done (for Cameron and the movie) was give 150%.  And we did everyday willingly.  For money or no money.  I'm not going to say....that for Avatar I wasn't..."

Ryan "be careful, agents could be watching, and directors.  Well listen, I want you to have so much fun in there.  Congratulations."

Then Ryan asked his camera crew if they could get a great shot at Zoe's gown.  Ryan said about her gown "that is unreal.  Whoaaaaa."

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