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Ken Paves Red Carpet Hair - From Sky High Bouffants To Tremendous Teased Locks

For the 2010 Red Carpet Season, as Guiliana Rancic pointed out, at the Roosevelt Hotel, where E! was broadcasting, the trend for Red Carpet Hair is, as Guiliana said, "from sky high bouffants to tremendous teased locks the new trend is to go big or go home baby."

Guiliana introduced Celebrity Hairstylist Ken Paves and said "he's here to tell us how to do it (the hair).  Guiliana (known as G to her team) welcomed Ken with a kiss and a big hello.

(Image of HairDo one piece clip-in hair extension from Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson Collection - Available at in The Marketplace - All Rights Reserved)

Ken told G "you look stunning, stunning."  G said "it's the hair, love the hair."

Guiliana said to Ken "Alright, so Ken, so many women are jealous of the long full hair we see on all of our favorite celebrities (an image was shown of Miley Cyrus wearing thick waist length tresses) so what is the real trick?"

Ken said "well the real trick is that it's actually all fake."  Guiliana laughed "OK".  Ken said "if you want to get the Rapunzeleseque long on Lisa (a model) what we've actually given her a little bit longer hair and a lot of fullness."

Ken pointed to the top of her hair "but this is a one piece clip-in hair extension from myself and Jessica Simpson's HairDo line."  G said "is that fake?" and Ken said "this is fake."

Guiliana said "this looks totally real, mind you."  Ken pulled the clip-in out of the model's hair and said "one piece clips in that fast and that easy."

Guiliana said "OMG" as Ken handed her the extension piece. Ken agreed "OMG."  G said "look at you, look what's he's done."  Ken said  "So she (the model) goes from gorgeous to absolutely stunning."

G said "OK, so you gotta have the fake hair."  Ken "you have to."  Guiliana that's what it's all about."

Ken agreed "it's an illusion.  The Red Carpet is an illusion."  Guiliana "OK".  Ken said as he demonstrated  "and it clips on that quick and that easy again."  Ken proceeded to clip the extensions right onto the model in front of the cameras and Guiliana.

He said "and here she has long hair again".  He put his hand over the seam and said "you don't want to show that."

Guiliana said "we're also seeing a lot of stars with those like great full bangs."  Ken said "right" G "and the high ponies.  Show me how you do that."

Ken "well the full bang and the high pony...the great thing about the bangs is that I actually created a clip-in bang for women.  Jessica and I did.  Because I like to give women the opportunity to try it without having to commit to it.  So here (new model was seated in front of Ken) we have on Christie, the full bang.  And an updo.  But I'll show you, if she changed her mind, this is what I do with a lot of my celebrity clients."

Ken continued as he dismantled the model's banged updo look.  He said "If she changed her mind as she was leaving the house I could quickly dismantle this with a couple of clips.  Take this down and because of the technology of the hair that we make it doesn't take a crimp from being up in a ponytail.  So she can let this down."

G asked "It doesn't make that band that I can't stand that's like a gangster?"

Ken replied "It doesn't ever get a band.  So if you wanted to let this down, she now has a great ponytail" (Ken proceeded to brush out the pony he had just released from the updo bun.  He said "from an updo to a ponytail, that quick and that easy.  And that's stunning."

G said "That is. Wait, this is so out of control."  She picked up the brunette bang clip-in piece and laughed.  It's great."

Ken said "it's all fake, it's all an illusion.  Why do the movies have to be illusions and not the Red Carpet?"

Guiliana took the brown clip-in bang that Ken had originally had on the model and put it on her own hair.  She said "I totally want one."  She asked the camera "that isn't my color, but is it kinda cute?"

Ken said "it is actually gorgeous.  Look at it."  Guiliana and Ken looked over into the cameras.

Guiliana said to Ken "you are so outta control.  I'm obsessed with you."  She looked at someone off camera and said "you need one of these."

Ken said "isn't that gorgeous?  Look how beautiful."

Guiliana said to Ken "It does look incredible.  And another trend I've noticed a lot on the last few Carpets is the Snookie bump.  Laughing.  Lets talk about that with out special model Kendra Wilkinson."

Ken said "our very special model who I was gushing over when I met her and I have to say the only women in Hollywood that I know that has all her own real hair and it's unbelievable."  Kendra nodded her hair in agreement.  Kendra said "thank you Ken for saying that because a lot of people think it's fake."  Kendra laughed.

Guiliana said "good job Kendra."

Ken said "the Snookie bump, I prefer to call it the Brigitte Bardot bump from the 60s.  We saw it on the runway in Vera Wang, we see it all over the place."  Ken said "it's easy to achieve.  We created it here with Kendra's hair."

Ken demonstrated on Kendra.  He said "Kendra has a lot of amazing hair.  We created this new item called "Bump Up The Volume" extension.  You're going to love this.  You can make it as flat as you want or as high as you want."

Guiliana said "I can't even handle it.  So what does it look like in there?  I want to see."  Ken said "I'll show you.  We saw all those great updos on Drew Barrymore and everyone?  This is a great way to create that.  All that lift and that volume.  It's very Sophia Loren you see it in the front and now you have that silhouette and pin this up.  And you can even let it down."

Kendra said "so fast, you save so much time."  G said "it's good right?  Kendra, you look amazing."  Kendra said "thank you and Ken was finger tousling her blonde tresses.

Ken said "that was really quick"  Kendra said about the hair extension bump piece "that feels great."  G asked "you don't feel it in your hair?"  Kendra said "I mean, it's definitely heavier than my hair but it feel great."

Ken asked Kendra "do you mind if I take it out?  Kendra said "go ahead, yeah."  Ken said "so that's how you clip it up.  You can clip it up as high as you want.  So it's actually just here on top of her head.  Kendra said to Ken "you did this in record time." Ken said "in minutes, literally."

Guiliana said "it's so cool because so many times we're literally teasing our hair like a crazy person.  So we don't need to do that anymore."  Ken "no not at all."

Guiliana said "thank you Ken, thank you Kendra.

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