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Jessica Simpson Hairstyle - Long, Blonde, Lush Strands

The always lovely (I'm a huge long time fan) Jessica Simpson appeared at an in-store event on 9-13-08 - to sign autographs of her new fragrance - Jessica's Fancy.

The gorgeous blonde beauty was stunning in a festive red satin fitted runched dress with an elegant black cardigan over the top.

Jess rocked long luscious tresses parted from the center which cascaded down the middle of her back and ending in silky soft loose waves with a megawatt shine. Her crown showcased lots of sassy volume.

Not only is Jessica's Fancy expected to skyrocket on the best selling fragrance lists, Jess and her celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves (also huge fan of this man) have set major hair trends with their famous HairDo clip-in hair extensions, which Jessica constantly wears.

Ken Paves recently released his sizzling hot new Healthy Hair product line which features his famous Color Drops. Ken uses all of his Healthy Hair products including the color drops on Jessica's stunning locks.

To recreate Jessica's gorgeous hairstyle at her recent Jessica's Fancy appearance complete the following steps:

1. Shampoo hair in lukewarm water with cleansing product appropriate for your hair type, texture and condition. One to try? Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shampoo.

2. Rinse out shampoo and apply a good rinse-out conditioner for your hair type, texture and condition. You may wish to try Ken Paves Healthy Hair Conditioner mixed with a drop or two of the Boost Up Color Drops in your favorite color. Allow conditioner to remain on your hair for up to 5 minutes.

3. Rinse well and finish with cool/cold water rinse.

4. Towel blot strands and apply your favorite leave-in conditioner. You may wish to mix your leave-in conditioning product with a drop of two of the Healthy Hair Boost Up Color Drops to really pump up the color.

5. Detangle strands working from ends to the tops with a wide tooth comb. Create desired part. Apply appropriate styling cocktail of products as desired including mousse or volumizing spray and/or tonic.

6. Separate damp hair into individual damp 1 12 - 2" sections. Blow dry hair by holding individual strands up high into the hair and direct air flow from blow dryer (with concentrator attachment if possible) down the shaft to encourage volume and fullness.

Read: Celebrity Hairdresser’s Tips: Blow Drying Your Hair! to review Ken Paves' best blow drying techniques.

7. After each section is completely dry blast with a cold shot of air. Roll dry section into a big barrel style curl with fingers and pin against the scalp. Spray with styling spray like the Ken Paves Healthy Hair Volumizing Spray - Aerosol. Continue working around the entire head until all hair is completely dry and pinned into place in big curls.

8. Spray entire head - while still pinned with barrel curls with a volumizing hairspray such as Ken Paves Healthy Hair Volumizing Spray - Aerosol. Allow spray to completely dry on hair.

9. Unpin each pinned barrel curl. Use fingers to de-construct curls. Take a Mason Pearson (or similar) 100% boar bristle brush (one of Ken's favorite brushes) and brush through all the hair to smoothe and arrange the strands into loose waves. Touch up any end sections with a medium barrel curling iron to fine tune any perimeter curls.

10. Finish by spraying the entire head with a finishing spray. One to try is the Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shaping and Finishing Spray.

11. For megawatt shine apply 1 or 2 drops of Ken Paves Healthy Hair Shine Serum to the palms of your hands. Massage well and then brush the palms of your hands lightly over the top of your hair and down through the perimeter waves and curls.

To create a quick long and lush wavy style like Jessica wore at her in-store appearance check out the Ken Paves/Jessica Simpson HairDo options. A very similar style to Jessica's hair in this blog is the 23" Wavy Synthetic Hairstyle.

If you prefer 100% Human Hair you might also like to try the 21" Human Hair Wavy Hairstyle.

With the HairDo option all you need to do is snap on the HairDo, tousle a little bit and you are Red Carpet ready like the glam Ms. Simpson.

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