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Hair Blowout - Maintaining It For A Week

One of the best investments you can make for your hair right now is to go to the salon for a professional shampoo and blow-out.  Not only will you save money on shampoo, conditioner and related styling products, you will save your precious time on daily hair styling chores.

Cost of Shampoo And Blowout

What does a shampoo and blowout cost?  It depends on the part of the country where you live and whether you go to a high end salon, neighborhood salon, a drive-in style national chain like Cost Cutters or you go to a cosmetology school.

Some hair salons will allow you to wash your hair at home and come in for a blowout only.  When possible you should try to have both the shampoo and blowout done at the same time.

A shampoo and blowout can range in cost, depending on the location of the salon and the length of your hair from a lot (at a cosmo school) from $10-15 to a high of $50-60.  Of course people with special hair needs such as super long hair or extra curly may be charged more. 

Also, if you have it done every week you may be able to work a special deal with your salon.  It never hurts to ask.

Besides the money savings from having your hair washed and blown out, you will save wear and tear on your hair which daily washing and blow drying can cause.

Cosmetology School Options

Since a salon shampoo and blow dry does not involve any drastic or long time hair styling changes, you can even shop around to get your weekly blowout for a great price.  In fact, find a great cosmo school and arrange to go there for your blowout for an even better weekly price tag.

Keep in mind that all cosmo students are constantly supervised by a licensed pro and blow drying is virtually impossible to mess up.  Even better, some cosmo school like Paul Mitchell (where I went) will provide an option to have a fabulous scalp massage with hot oils before the shampoo for a very small extra amount.

Once you have your hair professionally blown out the key is to keeping it fresh as long as possible.

Maintaining Your Hair Blowout For A Week

Listed below are some great tips for maintaining your professional blowout for a minimum of one week.

1.  Before you go to bed use a 100% all natural boar bristle brush to briefly detangle your tresses.  Work from the ends up to the roots.  Brush only enough to detangle and smooth.  This will help maintain your blowout better.

2.  Consider investing in a satin or silk pillowcase.  This helps maintain your blowout during the night.

3.  If you hair is shoulder length or longer consider wrapping your hair at night before you go to sleep.  Gather hair with your fingertips into a low nape level ponytail.  Tie the pony (do not put an elastic or other band around the pony base or it will leave a crease) with a flat ribbon.  The ribbon will keep hair smooth but the ribbon will not dent your hair.

4.  Instead of using a shower cap when you shower or bathe, wrap your hair turban style in a thick terry towel.  The towel will block any steam that may seep into your hair from a shower cap.

5.  Mid-week if your hair starts to feel a little dirty use a dry shampoo spray around the edges.

6.  Extend your blowout by using an array of functional hair accessories such as jaw, claw or other hair clips to pull hair back from the face.  Keep in mind that oily or dirty skin may spread to your strands.

7.  If hair gets dirty along your fringe first spray with a dry shampoo and then pull bangs back with a clip or a headband.

8.  Keep umbrella and hat handy to cover hair during rain.

As the week progresses and your hair starts to show wear and tear you can also play with ponytails - high and low - if your hair is medium or longer or you can play with hot irons, hot rollers or irons to add a little texture around the perimeter.

Please share your own blowout maintenance tricks with us at HairTalk Forum.

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