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No Joke - Dancing With Stars Announces Season 10 Celeb Contenders - Including Bachelor Jake Pavelka

Seriously, Jake Pavelka is going to be on Dancing With The Stars?  Why?  No, seriously, why?

(Image of Jake Pavelka from ABC's "The Bachelor" announced as new celeb dancing contestant on DWTS Season 10 - All Rights Reserved -

Yes, I know that former Bachelorette Melissa Rycroft turned out to be a spectacular addition to the show and she was gorgeous, charming and came in near the top.

She worked hard, won over the audience and was a fan favorite.  But she also was the pawn of ABC's "Bachelor" producers who, if RealitySteve is correct, and he probably is, was duped all along in the name of ratings.

Meanwhile Jake Pavelka, the current "Bachelor" who just got engaged to his top pick tonight (hold the boos and the hissing) is extending his 15 minutes of fame to dance on DWTS.  Is that a cheap ploy by ABC to get some free viewer spillover from "The Bachelor?"  Or maybe Jake will break up with his new fiancee during dance practice and the cameras will be there to film it?  Who know.  This is reality TV.  Anything is possible.

I like Jake well enough, but I have to confess that each season of DWTS I get annoyed by the obvious D, E and F list of celebrities trying to bolster a sagging career or extend their 15 minutes of fame in the name of dancing.  Don't get me wrong.  I loved watching Steve Wozniak do his worm and I thought Melissa Rycroft exhibited true grace, charm and talent.

But Jake Pavelka?  He is a pilot who owns a limo company.  Plus the rumor has it that he will pop up on the next season of "The Bachelorette" with Ali who famously left him and the show because of her Facebook job in San Francisco.

So besides the strange selection of Jake for Season 10 of DWTS, the following candidates will compete fir the coveted Mirrorball trophy:

"Baywatch" babe Pamela Anderson will be on the dance floor along with original octomom Kate Gosselin.

"Beverly Hills, 90210" bad girl Shannen Doherty and Pussycat Doll lead singer Nicole Scherzinger (I love her) will try their best in the ballroom.  I actually think Nicole may have a shot because of her Pussycat Doll dancing days.

Rounding out the women's list are ESPN sports anchor Erin Andrews and actress and comedian Niecy Nash, best known as Deputy Raineesha Williams on "Reno 911!"

As always, DWTS likes to tap Olympic contenders.  Season 10 is no different with the addition of gold medal winning figure skater Evan Lysacek, fresh from Vancouver, Canada.  He will join soap opera star, hunky Brit Aiden Turner, from "All My Children."  Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco represents the pro athlete contingency that usually pops up in every season.

Another head scratcher is the addition of 80 year old moonwalker Buzz Aldrin.  Although not as old as Season 7's Cloris Leachman, Buzz is pushing the dancing envelope.  Yeah, yeah, he walked on the moon, but can he dance?  So why didn't DWTS ask Betty White to dance?  She certainly could give Cloris a run for her money.  Right?

My take on this?  Well you saw my rant about Jake.  I don't have anything against Jake but he needs to sit down and stop his nervous laugh.  Of course we do know that those who can't dance are kicked off pretty quickly thanks to the critical eye of judge Len Goodman (I adore him) who doesn't pull any punches or hand out any roses.  Sorry Jake.

Meanwhile, I have to wonder what the professional dancers have to say about the current ragtag collection of celebrity dancing crazies?  I just hope Cheryl Burke pulls a good dance partner this season.  She is so spectacular to watch and has been hampered by some of the gimpier out of shape male celebs over the past few seasons.  Of course I'm not mentioning any names but if you watch the show you know what I mean.

Saddle up for Season 10 on ABC starting March 22nd.  I for one can't wait.  And yes, there will be a lot of hissing and booing coming out of my living room.

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