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Ali Fedotowsky Thought Bachelor Pilot Jake Would Come To Find Her

Ali Fedotowsky was a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Talk Show yesterday to talk about her reasons for leaving "The Bachelor" last week.

For those not in the know, Ali claimed that her job as a advertising sales rep at Facebook prevented her from remaining on "The Bachelor" to compete for the final rose with Jake Pavelka.

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Ali explained to Ellen her work situation and that she thought she could take a leave of absence but it turned out she couldn't.  So she decided to leave the show instead. Ali said she was given Leave Of Absence papers but she "didn't read them."

A clip of Ali crying in the limo after she left the show was shown to Ellen's audience.  Ellen discussed the fact that on the show that aired on Monday, February 15th, Ali called Jake and wanted a second chance.  Ellen said "you wanted to fly and meet him (Jake) in St. Lucia.  Is that right?"  Ali said "uh huh."

Jake actually turned Ali's request down telling her he was much further ahead in the process and had developed stronger feelings for the three remaining women.  Ellen asked Ali "were you surprised he had feelings for other women, more than you?"

Ali "yeah, I was.  One of the reasons I thought it was OK for me to leave in the first place is because I thought 'if this is love and he really cares about me' then he's going to come find me.  He's a pilot like 'fly to get me' it would be amazing.  But I was pretty shocked.  I thought we had something great."

Ellen asked Ali "are you surprised it's now down to Tenley and Vienna?  Because you didn't like Vienna."  Ali "well, I mean, we didn't get along."  Ellen "well she got along with you.  You didn't get along with her."

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Ali "Right"  Ellen "it seems like none of the girls in the house liked her.   I don't mean specifically you, I mean she seemed just like everybody in the house didn't like her."

Ali "yeah, I mean, Vienna's not a bad person.  It's just that sometimes she doesn't think when she says things and I think, you know, it got a little out of hand."

Ellen "do you like her though?  As a person now?"  Ali "I don't think Vienna and I are going to be friends.  Moving forward."

Ellen "who do you think he picks?"  Ali "Watching, actually the connection that Vienna and Jake have.  I didn't realize that was happening behind the scenes or when I was around.  They look like a good couple.  So I actually think it could be Vienna.  I want it to be Tenley."

Why?  Ali explained "Tenley and I are really good friends.  I'll be friends with her and talk to her forever.  I joke 'if she marries Jake I'll be in their wedding party.  Like we're that close.  A little awkward but."

Ali told Ellen "I happy for him whomever he ends up with."

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