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Celeb Hairstylist David Babaii Shaped Brad Pitt's Beard

As reported by US Magazine, Brad Pitt had a little help cleaning up his scraggly beard.  Brad's beard has been looking pretty bad over the past few months and it's no surprise David Babaii was asked to clean it up.

David has been working with Angelina as her celebrity hairdresser for quite some time and has created some amazing styles for her hair over the years.

(Image of Brad Pitt - 62nd Annual DGA Awards - Press Room - 1-30-2010 - - All Rights Reserved)

In fact, in an interview I had with David at one point, he told me he loved working with Angelina because she inspired him to be a better person and encouraged him to develop his own line which is designed to give back to the preservation of wild animals.

A source told that celeb hairstylist David Babaii professionally groomed Pitt's scraggly facial hair before the Directors Guild of America Awards.  I can only guess what happened.  David was working with Angie and one of them, Angie, David or Brad, suggested that David just trim up and groom Brad's beard to make it look more professional and less crazy.   Works for me.

David Babaii is such a warm and caring stylist I can see why he would be only too willing to lend a hand for Angie's partner.

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