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Lady Antebellum On Grammy 2010 Red Carpet

Guiliana Rancic's second Red Carpet interview was with the group Lady Antebellum which consists of Charles Kelley (lead and background vocals), Dave Haywood (background vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin) and Hillary Scott.

Hillary was wearing a one shoulder long black gown.  Her highlighted brunette tresses was coiffed off her face into a hairline bump which flowed back into a long lush wavy pony.  She was wearing stunning earring chandelier style earrings which were silver.

Guiliana said "Joining me is Lady Antebellum. so you guys are performing tonight."  Hillary "yes we are.  We're so excited."  Guiliana "I'm nervous for you.  Are you nervous?'  Hillary "We're nervous."

Charles Kelley said "I know." Hillary said "we're nervous and we're excited."  Charles said "before the interview she (Guiliana) said 'you're performing tonight, eeeee'"

Charles continued "It's like nerve wrecking. Thank you for reminding us."

Guiliana "I'm Sorry.  I'm sorry.  What type of pre-performance rituals do you guys do?  Hillary "Just breathe.  Not forget to breathe.  And just, we'll warm up a little bit. And kinda collect our thought."

Charles "And we were eavesdropping the whole time on The Black Eyed Peas.  They had a dressing room right next to us and we were just listening to every little thing they said."

Guiliana "What were they saying"  The two guys said "How they love Lady Antebellum." Dave "that they're nuts about us."

Guiliana "Were they playing your music?"  Charles "they were rocking to us.  They are big fans.  Who would have thought?"

Guiliana "You guys are a crossover from country to pop? Was that always a goal of yours or did that naturally happen?"

Hillary "It naturally happened"  Charles "We're not going anywhere though.  We're still country artists."

Hillary "absolutely.  And the song that has had the pop success is the lead off single off our new album called 'I Need You Now' and I think it's just a universal message. I don't think it fits in the country category or the pop or anywhere.  We just want to be played so people can hear our music and" Guiliana "you just want to be played."

Hillary "exactly.  We want to be a touring act and be successful at this and wherever they want to play us, play us."  Guiliana to Hilary "You look very pretty.  What are you wearing?"

Hillary "I'm wearing Alexander McQueen."  Guiliana "Girllll you know you've made it when Alexander McQueen comes calling. Thank you very much guys."

Lady Antebelleum left the stage.

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