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Jason Mraz 2010 Grammy Red Carpet Interview

Guiliana Rancic interviewed Jason Mraz as her third Red Carpet interview for the 2010 Grammy.

The 32 year old Jason looked hot with his brunette hair worn in a tousled off-the-forehead style.  He had the chic facial hair and was wearing a tie which was askew.

Guiliana "With me now is singer songwriter Jason Mraz whose music I love.  What's up Jason?"

Jason "Oh thank you.  How are you?  What's up?"

Guiliana "So when did you get in?  Cause you live down south right?"

Jason "I live down south.  I just pulled in.  I've been here about 20 seconds.  I just walked in the door to see you."

Guiliana "That's how we do it here."

Jason "I drove in from San Diego.  Beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Los Angeles.  It's great."

Guiliana "Now what I love you, at your shows you tell strangers to high five each other."  Jason "high five each other. That's the quickest, best form of acknowledgment you can give a stranger.  Just remind each other we are here sharing the same space.  We are all in this environment together."

Guiliana "Are you going to high five anyone on the Red Carpet?"

Jason "All night long.  That's my goal."  At that point Jason high fived Guiliana and let out an "annnnn. Number One.  Look how solid that was."

Guiliana "I don't mess around.  OK.  'So I'm Yours', your single, 76 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100."  Jason "rockin"  Guiliana "If I do the math and I'm not good at math, that's about a year and a half."  Jason "yeah that's a good length of time."  Guiliana "that's unbelievable. How does that make you feel?"

Jason "It's feel tremendous.  Especially because the song is about generosity.  About giving yourself or your time to someone else.  So to think that's the kind of song someone wants to listen to that long.  It's reassuring.  It's a positive song."

Guiliana "It's positive.  So when you're in the car.  Now that it's been on the charts for 76 weeks, when you're in the car and you hear it on the radio what do you do?"

Jason "I laugh, I laugh. Cause it comes on so many different radio stations so you never know if it's going to come on a smooth jazz station, which I listen to quite a bit or a rock station or what.  So I laugh at how it just fits in with everything,"

Guiliana "and really quick before I let you go.  I love how your date tonight.  Can I bring your date up here?  Come on up here.  Look at Jason's date."

Jason explained it was his dad.  Guiliana said " How are you sir? This is your dad."  Jason's dad "I'm fine."  Jason introduced his dad "Thomas Mraz from Virginia.  We're here to watch and extraordinary concert tonight."

Guiliana "you must be so proud of your little boy."  Jason's dad said "I am blessed to have a son like this."  Guiliana "when did he start singing?"  Jason's dad "when he was a little guy.  He just got carried away and continued on."  Guiliana "when did you realize he had a talent?"  Jason's dad "probably back in junior high when he was." Jason "I was convinced at an earlier age."

Guiliana "aside from the music, was Jason a good boy or a naughty boy?"  Jason's dad "Good boy, no problem whatsoever."  Jason "I may look that way."  Jason's dad "Maybe behind the scenes he wasn't but in front of us he was good."

Guiliana "Thank you guys so much.  Nice meeting you dad.  Very nice.  Jason have the best time tonight and keep making great music.  I love his music.  Love it.  Love it."

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