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Director Jason Reitman Enjoyed Filming Up In Air With George Clooney And Rest Of Cast

Ryan Seacrest interviewed Director Jason Reitman for his film "Up In The Air".  Jason was with Michelle Lee during the interview with Ryan.

Ryan asked Jason "what's it like to be here tonight?"  Jason said "it's real exciting.  It's my second time being here but tonight I'm sharing the nomination with my father (Ivan who was a producer on "Up In The Air" and that's really what makes it special."

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Ryan said "Well "Juno was the first" and now this is the second one?"  Ryan continued "and you said you're sharing.  You know what else you share is your tweeting.  You tweet about what you like to eat.  It's what you tweet the most about which is interesting."

Jason laughed and said "yeah, I'm like man versus food.  I'm trying to find in every town I visit every small shop I can eat it.  But today I was tweeting about playing XBox which reduced my anxiety."

Ryan "were you a little nervous this morning?"  Jason "yeah, I took and Ambien last night to sleep and then I was playing XBox."

Ryan "it can become addictive you know.  You've got to put that thing down.  Both the XBox and the Tweeting."  Jason "I was going to say, which one."

Ryan "both of them.  Was this a fun movie to make for you?"  Jason "oh yeah.  Well look.  I had a great cast.  And I was working with George Clooney every day.  Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick and actors like Jason Bateman and Dan McBride.  It was a real pleasure to go to set everyday.  Everyone should be in this spot."

Ryan Seacrest "I feel like George may be difficult to focus sometimes on a movie like that because he likes to have so much fun."

Jason "yeah, but he also wants to get his day done.  You know, two takes and come on, lets go.  Yea, but that's how I like to work too so it works out."

Ryan said to Jason "now are you friendly with Jim?  Jim Cameron over your shoulder here?  Are you guys friendly?"

Jason said "oh yeah, yeah, yeah."  Ryan "no fly zone?"  Jason, No, no.  Very honored to be in the same category as Jim Cameron.  Let me tell you.  I've watched his films my entire life and I'm incredibly intimated by the guy."

Ryan "well then I won't make you talk to him.  OK, give a shout out.  Just say hi."  Jason "we're good, we're buddies.   He did the right thing.  You know, he did the matching pocket squares to his wife.  I want to cut a hole (a piece of material) in my wife's dress" and he gestured like he was going to put the piece of dress in his pocket.

Ryan "ahh yes all the details.  Next year."

Jason agreed "next year."

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