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Ray Romano Isn't Doing TNT Show For The Money

Ray Romano, a presenter at the recent SAG Awards for 2010 was interviewed by Thea of People Magazine on the recent Red Carpet.

Thea started by introducing Ray and saying "I'm here with the star of the new hit TNT show "Men of A Certain Age", Ray Romano.  Congratulations."

(Image of Ray Romano from TNT's "Men Of A Certain Age" - Photo - Darren Michaels - All Rights Reserved).

Ray moved closed to the lovely Thea and said "I'm getting close so I can hear you cause somebody's very important is over there."  Thea agreed and said "and the photographers are going crazy."

She asked Ray, who looked dapper with his salt and pepper hair neatly coiffed and parted in the middle, "how's the show going?"

Ray said "good, good.  I mean we're finishing editing the last one this week.  And we got renewed soooo.  We're ready to start tomorrow on the next one.  But we had a good time, you know great guys working on the show, Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula. TNT's been good.  Not a lot of money, but I'm not here for the money."

Thea said "you gotta give a shout out to the TNT folks."

Ray "Yeah TNT.  TNT's been nice to us.  And we're getting good feedback.  So it's fun."

Thea "we love watching it.  Nice to have you back on TV."

Ray "yeah."

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