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Ray Romano Has Sex Scene On New TNT Series

Ellen Degeneres had actor Ray Romano as her first guest on her show yesterday, December 15, 2009.  Ray is now co-starring in the new TNT series, "Men Of A Certain Age".

Yes, I am a fan of Ray and enjoyed his original long standing show, "Everyone Loves Raymond" and am watching the new TNT series.  I actually love TNT and watch almost all of their shows. I don't know how I feel about Ray's new series yet, but so far it seems to have the potential to be really good.  I have only watched one of the two episodes which have aired so far.

(Ray Romano at 3rd Annual Comedy Celebration for the Peter Boyle Memorial Fund 11-07-09 - - All Rights Reserved)

In the new TNT series Ray has a history of gambling issues and is separated from his wife.  He is dealing with dating and finding his way with women which make him feel a little out of his comfort zone.

Ellen introduced the funnyman by pointing out "for nine years our first guest made us laugh on the huge hit "Everyone Loves Raymond" and now he's starring in the new TNT series "Men Of A Certain Age" check it out."

Ray appeared on stage with Ellen to great audience response. He was dressed casually in gray slack and a creamy pink long sleeve sweater.  He waved to the audience.

Ray commented in response to the huge applause "I can't, I can't live up to that, I can't"  Ellen said "you don't have to do a thing, they just love you for who you are."  The audience went wild again with cheering and applause.  Ray said "really?  Well that's good, that's good to hear."

Ellen said "you're just a wonderful funny human being and so they just know it and we could just stare at you for the next five minutes and that would be enough."

Ray laughed and asked Ellen "is this an intervention or something?"   Ellen said "yes it is"  She told Ray "congratulations, so it's not enough, you have good taste, cause the first show (Everyone Loves Raymond), very very funny and very clever and this show very funny, very clever and the first episode did very well."

Ray said "yes, we're happy with the ratings.  We follow the Kyra Sedgewick, "The Closer" and we did very well.  So this Monday coming up, tonight, tonight is the big test if the audience comes back.  So they have to come back"

Ellen "Tonight being Monday, Monday, right now, we're talking."

Ray "It's not a, it's not, I'm glad you think it's funny, because there's humor in it, it's TNT, they know drama.  So it is a drama with comedic moments, so we're trying to get it all in there."

Ellen "Yes. Which is good, you don't want something that's just funny, funny, funny all the time.  You want like real.

Ray "Yeah, real.  That's what it is, it's real. So there will be humor, it'll be real, there'll be drama, it will be real. I actually have a sex scene.  Yeah."

The audience went wild with applause.

Ellen "tonight?"  Ray "not tonight.  No, no , no.  Don't be afraid to watch tonight.  It's not tonight.  Yeah, not naked though.  It's very tastefully and quickly done. I'm hoping the President speaks that night.  So everything get pre-empted. Yeah."

Ellen "was that the first time?"

Ray "it was frighting.  Well I didn't do that on "Raymond."  You know, we did sitcom sex. It was, you know, a slight whistle and you're out.  But it was nerve wrecking, but you know I'm married for awhile now.  So I have experience with a women pretending to enjoy sex with me.  Yes, so it came natural I guess."

Ellen "what does that mean, a man of a certain age?  What are you?"

Ray "ahhh, well it's you know when you're that age.  You just, things ache a little.   You know how I know?  I have mystery bruises now.  I don't know if you get this where you get a bruise and you're like what? I don't remember banging.  I think I figured it out.  I have a theory, I don't know if it's true.  But I think my wife is punching me in my sleep.  I can't prove it.  I can't prove it.  I can't ask her."

Ellen "you could set up an infrared camera or something."

Ray "But then you see a ghost doing something bad." Ellen "Then you make a movie out of it and you make a whole lot of money."  Ray "Yes, I wear a cup now when I sleep.  I'm not taking any chances."

Ellen "Anna, is that her name?  And you've been married for a long time?"  Ray "22 years."  Ellen "that's wonderful that's wonderful."  Ray "thank you."

Ellen "I was talking about this on the show the other day.  Portia and I have been together for five years.  And every after that amount of time you just run out of how to impress someone.  How do you give someone a gift every year?  Are you exchanging gifts at this point?"

Ray "You know, what do you get a woman who has everything because of you?"  Ray pointed to himself.  Ellen laughed but the audience started to boo.

The actor sat back and then pointed into the audience "Wait a minute, back me, back me up, you, you, and you.  There's eight men here."  Ray "No, I'll tell you what I do get, I'll win you back over, I'll win you back over.  I don't get anything, I don't buy anything, but I get something better.  I give something from the heart.  I make something for her every year.  I make a calender.  I take family photos and I make a 12 month calender and each where I put a little funny caption there."

He continued "I've been doing that for ten years. It's not easy. To be funny.  I gave them (Ellen's producers) one of the calenders.  That's my wife and daughter and in the caption 'Winner and runner up in the Spend Ray's Money Competition." This is my son Joe (naked) and that's 'Joe son greets the mailman the same way as Mommy does."  And that's us, do you see us, that's my son Joe and the caption is 'Never give a ten year old a credit card.'  There's a monkey, he bought a monkey."

Ellen "Well that's very sweet and thoughtful.  More thoughtful than anything."

The daytime talk hostess talked about "just about every single time we've been together whether it's here or we did some stuff out in the country you brought their sons.  They're identical twins."

Ray "They're 16.  They're driving now which is scaring the hell out of me." Ray said he brought a clip of the last time they (Ray and his twin sons) were on your show.  The clip was shown of Ray's sons diving into a poll and flapping their arms.

Ray brought his twin sons out onto the stage.  Except the two guys who came out onto the stage were not really Ray's two sons.  It was prank.  Ray said "Somebody screwed up."  He continued "Actually one is a little bit taller than the other, which is what happens with identical twins."   Another set of fake twins came out on stage.  Ray said "Matthew's taller."  Finally the real twins came out.  Matthew and Gregory Romano eventually came out onto the stage and gave Ellen a big hug.

Ray pretended to mix the twins up to tease Ellen.  They ended the segment by again flapping their arms.  Ray said "I'm very proud of them."  Which ended the segment.

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