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When It Rains, It Pours - Leaving Curls Less Than Happy, Until Now

If you’ve ever lived in Texas, or even visited for a while, you are very familiar with our weather patterns – or lack thereof. One minute the sun is shining and you’re having a great hair day and in the blink of an eye torrential rains are wrecking havoc on that thing formerly known as a hairstyle.

For us curly girls, this isn’t just a problem – more like all the right ingredients for a hair nightmare.

After years of trying everything to keep my strands as pouf-free as possible I finally found my own solution. And trust me, I’ve tried everything. From “special recipes” you can make at home, to expensive products, even Volcanico. Yeah – if you know what that is – you know that was one of my really bad ideas! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of making products at home, treating myself to couture brands, and even having my stylist throw in a special treatment here and there – but how is that going to help me when I’m running around in three inches of rain growling at my slopping strands?

Enter my fix-it-solution. Different curls react differently to weather conditions – if you’re ringlets are like mine, humidity and rain will make your hair extremely poufy. With the right moves, you can take advantage of this pouf to make a seductive yet simple hairstyle.

Here is my trick: I get a tiny drop of light conditioner and spread in my palms. I found that some shine serums can make my strands look too greasy, but I like the lightness of the conditioner especially Aromaland's Ylang Ylang & Ginger version. I gently caress the top of my head to smooth down any fly-aways. With fingers spread-out, I use my hands to create some separation in my hair – the idea is loose and a little messy. The poufy-ness will add great volume.

I then either create a low bun or low lying pony while letting some of the pieces escape my grasp to again create that loose lightly messy look.

The end result is surprisingly attractive. And of course a nice hair accessory makes it look all the nicer. I always have a hair flower or two in my purse for that exact reason.

I initially pulled this little trick as a last resort while on my way to a dinner date. I was caught out in the elements with no umbrella, nothing to hide under, and a lonely hair elastic as my only option. I ran into a fast-food restaurant that was in route to my final destination, used the hand-dryer in the bathroom to dry off my ringlets, and tried this trick for the first time. When I arrived to the restaurant my date gave me a cat-like grin and said, “I love your hairstyle, I love that slightly messy look on women, very sexy”.

I knew then I was on to something!

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