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Meryl Streep At 2010 SAGs Says It Was Illegal How Much Fun She Had Playing Julia Childs

Meryl Streep had her blonde hair coiffed up into a top knot styled twist at the 2010 SAG Awards.

People's Thea introduced the actress who was dressed in a blue, green and white brush stroked black belted long sleeved Balenciaga gown with Fred Leighton jewels by saying "she is what acting is all about.  She is nominated tonight for outstanding performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role playing the incomparable Julia Childs.  She is the incomparable Meryl Streep.  Congratulations on the nomination."

Meryl said "thank you very much.  Thea "we were just talking about just the joy in this role ("Julie and Julia") as an audience member watching you.  There seemed to be such a gleefulness to it."  Meryl "yea"  Thea "did you have as much fun as you seemed to be having in acting as Julia?"

Meryl "I think it was illegal how much fun I was having.  It was really divine.  There's certain movies that are just like surfing and it was absolutely like that for me.  I played this woman who just brought so much joy to people about the simplest things.  About you know, taking care of their families, eating well, living large.  And savoring life.  I mean that's what her entire life was about and it was a great privilege to play that character."

Thea "well you inspired me to run out and buy the cookbooks.  I'm going to dive in, maybe not all the recipes, but a few.

Meryl pointed to Thea's stomach with her index finger, laughed and said "you can't fit into that bad dress (referring to Thea's tight as a glove gown) darling if you do that."  Thea smiled and said "just a few little things.  Thanks so much Meryl.  Good luck tonight.

Meryl waved and said "thank you, thank you."

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