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Meryl Streep Lucky Charm In Hollywood

Yesterday I wrote a blog about Meryl Streep and how many of the actresses such as Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried seemed to enjoy a sudden career burst after co-starring with Meryl in a film.

Of course I have been thinking about this theory of mine quite a bit.  When you come up with a theory, at least when I do, I try to figure out if it's just coincidence or if indeed there is some hard evidence to support the hypothesis.

In the case of Meryl Streep being a lucky charm for her younger co-stars I think there is definite evidence.  However, the very indication of Meryl being a great influence on the careers of her female co-stars (I didn't examine this theory with regard to her male co-stars) triggers other questions.

Did the actresses in question just happen to luck into a role with Meryl or were their careers already building to a point where their prior body of work was ready to push them to the next level?  Which triggers yet another question.  Would someone as seasoned and professional as Meryl be willing to consider working with an actress who wasn't talented, hard working or professional enough to ensure the success of a film?

Afterall, there are so many things that go on behind the scenes of Hollywood who knows how much influence and/or power any successful actor like Meryl has?

There is also the long held theory that success is directly tied to who you know.  I subscribe to that theory having spent many years in a wide range of corporate positions before founding

I also see this "who you know" in play with Hollywood hairdressers.  The actresses who are friends or who work together on a regular basis often recommend each other to their Celebrity hairdressers, stylists and make-up artists.  Which is why for example many of the female actresses on Desperate Housewives have worked with either Ken Paves (Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross) or Laurent D (Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross) and rotate through other common connections within the ranks of producers, directors and related Hollywood agents.

Ultimately my theory about working with Meryl Streep and having a sudden career burst isn't as simple as it seems but it is very real and translates well to all areas of business and life.  It also ties to my belief that in every major industry there are leaders who set the pace for up and comers to follow.  If a leader finds an up and comer they respect or enjoy working with, certainly that leader will help push that person ahead.

Thus Meryl Streep, who is already very well connected after so many wonderfully successful years as an award winning actress and Hollywood money maker, has a lot of power and pull.  She also has a lot of say.  If Meryl says in a speech to the Hollywood movies and shakers "someone give Viola Davis a movie" well it seems to me that it would happen.

My theory about Meryl Streep is actually no big deal when you think about business and life and how the people who make it to the top bring their loyal team with them.

Which leaves me with one last question for anyone reading my thoughts here.  Who else in the world is a Meryl Streep?  They are every from politics to big business to everyday companies.

Hmmmm, sounds like I have lots of new blog topics to consider for the future.

Please share your thoughts with me or feel free to email me at [email protected].

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