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Camryn Manheim On The Pregnancy Pact

Actress Camryn Manheim (Emmy and Golden Globe winner for "The Practice") was on The Bonnie Hunt show last week and looked fabulous.

The long haired brunette was wearing a stunning diamond necklace in the shape of a diamond around her neck.

(Image of Camryn Manheim - Variety's 1st Annual Power of Women Luncheon - 09-24-09 - - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie asked Camryn about her stunning necklace and Camryn patted her necklace and said "actually about two months ago I was on the set filming "Ghost Whisperer" with Jennifer Love Hewitt.  I know, she's awesome.  She got me this diamond necklace.  Isn't it gorgeous?  My girlfriend.  That's what girlfriends should do.  Get you diamonds."

Bonnie "I know, I noticed it right away. I know, I was thinking about that for Valentine's Day.  Having an audience of single women and everybody gets to have flowers and candy."

Camyrn "I know. I think that's a great idea.  Yeah."

Bonnie "take care of each other that day.  Toasting each other."

Camryn "I hang out with a lot of women and I have a "Momtourage" and we watch "American Idol" together and we have the best time."

Bonnie "What do you think of American Idol?"

Camryn "I love American Idol.  I think it's amazing to watch the composure of those kids and to see what they're accomplishing and what their lives were like and the road they're about to embark on."

Bonnie "I always get emotionally invested.  It always winds up happening."

Camryn "So do I.  I just want to adopt them.  I just want them to come and live with me after they get booted off."  She continued "I'm going to go to a birthday party after this I'm going to go see my friend Josh.  You know Natalie is not the only one who can do crafts.  OK?"

Bonnie "Oh my friend (Natalie) who made this (a little clay figure of Bonnie and her dog Charlie)?"

Camryn "Isn't that sweet?  Not that I want to one up her or anything, but I made him this little diorama (a form of a doll house)."

Camryn pulled the little house up and put it on Bonnie's desk. She explained how she hand made it and how the little doors inside opened and how it all came with explanations.  Camyrn also said she took little pictures of the mom and dad and put it into a little frame."  Indeed, it had amazing details.

Camryn said "Oh look I got a splinter (in my finger).  So I get very crafty with these things and it is a personal, private joke.  I'm not going to do it all now or I would have to go into the whole thing."

Bonnie had to interrupt Camryn because of friction with her microphone and Camryn said "that happened to me the last time I was here (on Bonnie's show)."  She continued "so I do crafts too.  So Natalie and I have a little...."

Bonnie said "Crafts are fun to do."  She picked up the little house and immediately knocked off one of the chick items glued on top.  Camryn said "whose got the hot glue?  The hot glue.  Josh is going to be pissed off."

Bonnie "Where did the chick go (the one she knocked off)."  They found the missing chicken and then Camryn told Bonnie they needed to put it away before any more harm came to it.  She also talked about another craft she likes to do.

Bonnie said "hold onnnnn.  This is like the Home Shopping Club."

Camryn said "It wouldn't be bad if they called me.  I also have a T-shirt line.  I wanted to do something for my community and I started a T-shirt line called 'Living Generously, One T-shirt At A Time".  That's what the logo is (and she showed the logo to the camera) and all the proceeds I give to charity.  And I know you live on the West side so I decided to give you one of my West side shirts (to Bonnie) which says 'Venice Girls 10 Degrees Cooler' and I sell them at all the local street fairs.  I donate the proceeds to the Boys And Girls Clubs and charities in Venice (California)."

Bonnie said "Besides all your crafts you're working constantly and you're in the new movie, based on a true story, "The Pregnancy Pact" where all the girls decided to get pregnant at the school."

Camryn "it's inspired by that story in Gloucester, Massachusetts where 18 girls got pregnant in one school year."  Camryn plays the school nurse.

Bonnie "Talking about it (teen pregnancy) always makes it better."  Camryn "My son is only 9 years old but we talk about it.  It never hurts to have information.  You know.  So we talk about it all the time.  In an age appropriate manner.

Bonnie announced that "The Pregnancy Pact" is on Lifetime on January 23rd.

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