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Sofia Vergara Chats With Ryan Seacrest On Golden Globe Red Carpet

Ryan Seacrest and Guiliana were holding court on E!'s pre-Golden Globe red carpets which Ryan noted were wet and soggy from the rain.  Ryan also pointed out that the photographers were covered in trashbags and panchos but there was some concern about getting all the appropriate shots on the carpets of the stars.

Ryan welcomed Sofia Vergara of TV's "Modern Family".  Her chocolate brown hair was pulled off her face but with a lot of height built into the top of her head and around her crown.  The hairstyle incorporate lots of texture in the forms of waves which cascaded down Sofia's back.  She had a basic half up/half down hairstyle which showcased her sleeve gown.

Ryan said "Sofia Vergara has braved the weather today.  You look lovely"  Indeed, she was wearing a strapless, fitted waist gown in a shade of steel blue with a dark cherry accent ribbon interwoven through the top of the bown.  The gown had a billowing ribbon style train.

Sofia told Ryan "Thank you so much.  I feel so happy to be here."  Ryan pointed out the rain created "a little curve ball.  This morning it wasn't nearly as wet as it is right now."  Sofia said "but it's nothing, it's just a little rain.  We're not M&Ms, we're not going to die.  It's fun, it's a party.  Just that it will be more disorganized but you know, it's OK."  Ryan said "I think some stars might get on this carpet in the rain and melt today."

Sofia "you think?"  Ryan "I think some might be worried about melting."  Sofia "really?"  I'm ready."  Ryan "tell me who are you wearing?"  Sofia "this is Carolina Herrerra (pointing to her gown) and my jewelry's Chopard."  Ryan "I love your jewelry."

Sofia "and that's it."  Ryan "perfect.  Can we just keep you for the next two hours with us?"  Sofia "perfect.  Do you have drinks, food?  Hmmm?"

Ryan "we have chilled shots.  Tom if your bartender.  Congratulations on the success of your series and great to see you."

Sofia "thank you."

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