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Nick Lachey Looking Forward To Turning His Kid Page Like Brother Drew

Nick Lachey was a guest on Bonnie today.

Bonnie introduced Nick by saying "our first guest is a member of 98 Degrees.  Tonight we can see him as the host of a new show, "The Sing Off."  At that point Bonnie played a clip of Nick hosting the show which arrives just in time since Glee is now in hiatus until next season.

(THE SING OFF -- Episode 101 -- Pictured: Nick Lachey -- NBC Photo: Chris Hasto

Nick arrived on Bonnie's stage by jumping onto her firehouse poll and did an amazing glide down to the first floor.  He looked hot with tight jeans, a dark jacket and a lighter blue shirt opened at the neck.  His hair was perfectly coiffed into a tasteful subdued spikey hairstyle.

He got a huge round of applause from the audience.  Obviously Nick still has a ton of fans.  Of course he looked sizzling, so no surprise.

Bonnie teased Nick about sliding down the poll because he walked over to her couch holding his stomach while waving to the cheering audience and said "you gotta watch that poll."

Bonnie laughed "I know, I thought sparks were going to fly when you came down" off the poll.  Nick teased her back about the snowman that had been on the show a few minutes earlier "I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that snowman was hitting on you" and Bonnie said "I know, what are you going to do, I take my compliments where I can get them."  Nick said "well snow people are people too."

Bonnie laughed and said "Hey that's right, you know it was fun seeing that clip we just had JShaw on the show singing that song"   Nick said "you know the groups on the show are unbelievably talented."

Bonnie "I love to see that kind of talent where it's not over produced yet, you know what I mean, and you can really hear the people sing and see what's really going on.  It's really joyful."

Nick "yeah, I think that's the great thing about acapella music is there's really no where to hide.  I mean it really comes down to the talent these groups have and some of the arrangements and the way they're doing these songs are so creative and innovative that I think people are just going to be blown away by them."

Bonnie "did you know when you were a kid you wanted to be a performer?  Because when I was growing up it was like guys didn't really do that kinda stuff, even if they really wanted to like hard rock and roll."

Nick "you know, when I was a little kid I always had this vision in my head that I'd be a football player.  That was what I always wanted to do and my mom, I don't know if it was my pediatrician, but someone told my mom that if I played football my growth plates or something in my body would be damaged.  And so she said 'when you get to 9th grade and you are a freshman, you can play football.'"

He continued "but in the meantime I ended up going to this performing arts school and fell in love with singing."

Bonnie "well Drew went their first, didn't he, your brother?"

Nick "he did, yes, he auditioned for the school and my whole family's making this big todo about how talented Drew is and how he's going to be the next Mickey Rooney and he's going to be a big star.

Bonnie "awwwww"

Nick "so literally I got pissed off.  Really, it all came down to sibling rivalry and I was going to go and prove to the family that I'm talented too.  I can do it too."

Bonnie "this is so typical of families."

Bonnie "but how do you decide to do that?  Were you guys singing around the house and your parents were, wow, you guys can sing?  How does that start?"

Nick "we were in church choir and stuff like that and I was going to go to a different school, a college prep school and play football, but I ended up auditioning for this school and fell in love with it and it's kinda never left. It stayed there."

Bonnie "you know I always enjoyed when you and Jessica were doing those Christmas specials.  My favorite part was when 98 Degrees was there and singing around the piano or something.  What were those days like?  Do you miss those times and the guys?"

Nick shook his head yes and said "yes, some of my best times, best memories were back in those days.

Bonnie showed photos of 98 Degrees together in red coats.

Nick "oh boy, look at those outfits.  Those (the red coats) were never in style right there.  WOW"

Bonnie "you guys were fixing cars in between."

Nick "yeah we moonlite as mechanics and stuff.  You know in some of the early days, in the early early days where we were really struggling and weren't signed yet."

Bonnie "What does struggling mean? You guys got together and were a singing group.  You guys knew each other?  You grew up together?"

Nick "three of us went to the same high school and met the fourth guy through a friend and we just all moved to LA. And just kinda sang around.  We'd sing at Taco Bell, we'd sing for food, we'd sing at Fat Burgers.  And literally we'd go up to Citywalk and pass the hat around.  Until finally someone noticed and said well 'make a demo' and we did and we finally got signed."

Bonnie "where did you guys stay during all that time.  Did you all live together?"

Nick "we lived in a wonderful place called North Hollywood.  Which should never be confused with Hollywood, Hollywood. Two very different things.  But yes, we had a little two bedroom apartment.  And literally we were so poor my brother and I pulled a king size mattress out of the trash and literally slept on it."

Bonnie "Don't say this to me, I'm horrified.  I'm horrified."  Nick "it's true."  Bonnie "Nick, there's no way, nooooo"  Nick "it was either the dirty carpet that hadn't been cleaned or the dirty mattress.

Bonnie "dirty carpet, dirty carpet."  Nick "really?"  Bonnie "yep trust me, trust me on this."

Nick "well you know what it was?  It was a great motivating tool to get signed because you're like 'man I can't sleep on this mattress much longer.  It really, it motivated you to work."

Bonnie "well sure, you have so much gratitude now.  You remember that.

Nick "yeah, but some of those memories are my best because it's all about bonding and working together for a struggle.  Yeah, it was good."

Bonnie "the struggle is always what defines you."

Bonnie "Drew has a little girl, Isabella, you're the godfather.

Nick "I am, I am."

Bonnie "Look how far you guys have all come.  You're all grown up."

Nick "yeah, somehow he's passed me up, I'm not sure what happened there.  But now he's got kids, and he's married and all this stuff's happening and I'm just playing catchup.  But she's the best thing that has happened to our family."

Bonnie said "well are you motivated.  I'm not saying you're motivated to just go out and have a baby because somebody else did.  But I don't believe."

Nick "that's pretty much it."

Bonnie "But it does happen you know?  Well you and Vanessa have been together a long time.  Do you think that, I mean? You guys are a really cute couple (Bonnie showed a photo of Nick and Vanessa Minello)."

Nick said "thank you, thank you.  You know what?"

Bonnie "you've taken a lot of time to get to know each other.  Right?"

Nick "Ahhh, yeah, yeah.  She's a great girl and I know at some point the kid page will get turned and for me that's always something I always looked forward to do.  But you know, this is a great kinda training period, being an uncle and take care of the neice.  And actually he's about to have another baby here.  So I get to be an uncle all over again."

Bonnie "ohhh, I didn't know that."

Nick "yeah, yeah, awesome."

Bonnie "well it's so nice to see you.  I met you once awhile ago."

Nick "Yeah, when was that, I remember we met years ago."

Bonnie "uh huh  We met at a party and we left and you never called me again."

Nick "Reallllllyyy.  It was the mattress, wasn't it?

Bonnie "nice, very nice.  You can see Nick at 8 pm on NBC.

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