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Nick Jonas Keeps Quiet About Selena Gomez

Yesterday Nick Jonas was a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show.  He performed a song with his new band The Administration.  He performed 'Who I Am'.

Ellen told Nick "Wow.  I really like it.  Nick, Congratulations you're getting such good reviews.  I mean people are like raving about this.  You've got to be so happy about this.  Cause it's dangerous to venture out. Outside of the comfort zone of being so successful with your brothers.  Are you all breaking up?  That's the rumor?"

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Nick "No, no, no.  Absolutely not.  This is just a side project and I'm just blessed to have the opportunity.  I went to Nashville a couple of months ago and recorded it and they were songs a little bit different than the style of The Jonas Brothers and sound.  And I sat down with these guys and made this record.  Left with something we're proud of and hope you guys like it."

Ellen said "Everybody likes it."  The audience cheered.

Ellen "Now what I do understand is Selena Gomez was just here recently and she didn't mention anything at all about you dating.  And I don't understand why you don't share things like that?"

Nick was smiling but looked a little embarrassed.  Nick ignored Ellen's question.  He said "I'm all set to play music.  I'll play another song, maybe."

Ellen "No, no, there's not another song.  We don't have time."

Ellen "What about.  So you gave her a ride last night.  Let's talk about 'We Are The World'.  How many people got together to record that?"

Nick "A lot.  There were like 89 people."

Ellen "WOW"

Nick "And it was unbelievable.  I was standing next to Celine Dion.  I mean, you have Lionel Ritchie there and so many legendary artists.  I was just humbled to be in their presence.  But it was amazing.  It was an amazing thing to be a part of."

Ellen "Amazing.  She continued "well Nick has signed five copies of his CD 'Who I Am' for our Haiti Relief Auction.  Go to our website, bid on this and help Haiti at the same time.  And get a good CD."

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