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Sienna Miller Celebrity Hairstyle

Sienna Miller who has been generating a lot of media buzz the past few days for her reported reunion with ex-fiance Jude Law was spotted today on the streets of NYC in her trademark disheveled style.

Image of Sienna Miller at the Special Screening of 'G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra' 08-06-09 - - All Rights Reserved)

She was photographed wearing Rupert Sanderson ivory oxfords, red Prada Saffiano & Tessuto tote and a striped button down shirt worn open like a jacket.  She also had her regular trademark tight jeans.

Her buttery blonde layered hair was parted down the middle and worn straight and tousled.  She had that just-rolled-out-of-bed look which worked perfectly with her fashions.    Her hair extended a few inches below her shoulders.

Depending on her movie role demands the beautiful young star has worn her hair a variety of hues, lengths and styles.  She appears to prefer blonde hues over darker strands.

Sienna, 27,  is constantly praised for her trend-setting fashion choices by the media.

Surprisingly the beautiful blonde actress doesn't have much self-confidence about either her beauty or her choice of fashions.  She has told the media that she finds having her looks scrutinized difficult to handle.

She is quoted as saying: "I don't feel like a beauty icon. I don't give it too much thought. It's not something I obsess about. I get pretty insecure and have the same insecurities as everyone else - sometimes more because there is more focus put on me. I'm quite self-conscious sometimes."

(Image of Sienna Miller - 05-31-09 2009 - MTV Movie Awards Arrivals - - All Rights Reserved

Sienna has learned to overcome her personal insecurities about her looks.  The 27-year-old beauty is officially the face of Boss Orange, a special perfume she created with Hugo Boss.  She admits she and her fellow celebrities have an unfair advantage by having a team of hair and make-up specialists at their beck and call.

The actress explained to the media: "If you're going to a red carpet event or doing a junket you have to have the best hair and make-up team and if you're in a film they're lighting you so it's not the reality."

(Image of Sienna Miller at the Montblanc 'Signature for Good' Charity Gala. Paramount- 2-20-09 - - All Rights Reserved)

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