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Wrinkle Erasing Hair Knot

Introduction - Wrinkle Erasing Hair Knot

Sienna Miller Top Knot Hairstyle Sienna Miller Top Knot Hairstyle

I recently was flipping through my September 2007 issue of Vogue Magazine with blonde beauty Sienna Miller gracing the cover with a wrinkle erasing hair knot.

A lot of controversy was triggered by that particular issue, which was eventually made into a behind-the-making of the issue  documentary.

Major Controversy - Wrinkle Erasing Hair Knot

The major controversy which surfaced when the film - The September Issue - was unveiled at Sundance was over Ms. Miller's "toothy" appearance along with concern for the number of fillings she had in her teeth.  The film highlighted Vogue's Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour, unhappiness over Miller's smile.

Other fashionistas groused about the thickness of Sienna's eyebrows along with her tiny "rooster-tail" hair knot that was deemed extremely unflattering.

The irony?  The British actress was wearing a wrinkle blasting hair knot styled by iconic celebrity stylist Didier Malige who is an extremely big deal in the world of hair.

Malige's extremely high ponytail creation was a modern take on the Croydon facelift which was captured for the Vogue cover by world-renowned Italian photographer Mario Testino.

Croydon Facelift Hairstyle - Wrinkle Erasing Hair Knot

Nicole Ritchie With Tight Top Knot Wrapped With Braid Nicole Ritchie With Tight Top Knot Wrapped With Braid

In English slang, a Croydon facelift (sometimes council house facelift, or in Northern Ireland a Millie Facelift) is a particular hairstyle worn by some people, mainly women, to produce the instant look of a facelift.

To create this hairstyle, the hair is pulled up and off the face as tightly as possible in a top knot, twisted bun or ponytail.  Reality star Nicole Ritchie is a fan of the tight hair knots which she changes up by wrapping them with knots or embellishing them with a range of beautiful hair accessories.

Because the skin of the forehead and face are pulled up and back so tightly by the tension from the top knot, wrinkles are immediately erased.

This hairstyle is frequently portrayed in the media as belonging to young women from the lower social classes, particularly the Chav subculture (Ned in Scotland, Millie in Northern Ireland).  Referring to a top knot as a Croydon hairstyle is considered derogatory.

The Croydon facelift is said to be used by actors and actresses who want to instantly shave 10 years off their faces without Botox or other injectibles.  In some cases male celebrities have their hair pulled into a high ponytail which is then covered by a wig to add a fresh youthful look.

Dangers Of Frequent Use Of Wrinkle Erasing Hair Knot

Nicole Ritchie With Tight Top Knot Nicole Ritchie With Tight Top Knot

Fans of the various wrinkle erasing hair knots understand that the hairstyle, if worn too often, may actually trigger traction alopecia hair loss which results from pulling hair too tightly around the hairline and at the roots.   The super tight knot can also create tension headaches and in some rare cases eye strain.

Traction alopecia is a type of gradual hair loss which can result from wearing overly tight braids, ponytails, dreads, knots or buns.  To achieve the instant wrinkle erasing effect hair must be pulled so tightly that it may actually hurt a little bit.

How To Copy - Wrinkle Erasing Hair Knot  - Step By Step

Sienna Miller didn't invent the wrinkle erasing hair knot.  Rumor has it that German actress Marlene Dietrich utilized a variety of wrinkle erasing hair knots and skin tightening tricks with surgical tape and fine gold chains dating back into the 1940s.

Marlene supposedly had tiny strands of hairline tresses twisted around hairpins which were then pulled extremely tight and pinned at the back of the head.

Follow the steps below to create your own wrinkle erasing hair knot which works best on second day or age hair which has a slight build-up of natural oils:

1.  Use fingers along with a boar bristle brush to completely smooth hair and pull hair tightly off the hairline.

2. Gather all of the hair into a very tight ponytail with the base resting a few inches in front of the crown.

3.  Use a hair-friendly pony elastic which allows you to create an uber tight base.  Blax bands can be doubled or tripled, depending upon the thickness of the hair, to achieve an extremely tight top pony.  Blax bands, which are expensive, can also be easily cut off with a scissors to protect hair from unnecessary pulling or ripping when its time to remove the band.

Nicole Ritchie With Tight Top Knot On Fashion Star On NBC Nicole Ritchie With Tight Top Knot On Fashion Star On NBC

4.  Lightly tug on the tail of the new pony to make sure hair is wrapped as tightly as possible.

5.  Lift the tail of the pony and wrap in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction around the base of the pony until all of the tail hair has been used up.

6.  Pin the newly formed topknot with bobby pins or hair pins to firmly anchor all the hair.  Secure knot with four pins: one in the front, one in the back and one on either side.

Note:  You may have to use more if you have thicker hair. The "U" shaped hair pins may work best to hold thick or highly textured tresses. Professional stylists sometimes form Xs with the bobby or hair pins for a more secure hold.

7.  Spray a little shine enhancing hair spray into the palms of your hands and brush over the top of the finished knot.

8.  To smooth loose hair around the hairline spray a little hairspray onto a clean toothbrush and smooth.

Summary - Wrinkle Erasing Hair Knot

Creating a super tight top knot is quick as well as easy and can instantly erase wrinkles.  The key to optimal success is to pull the hair as tightly as possible.  Optionally you may attach a hair flower or crystal encrusted clip to one side of the knot.

For an extra touch of glam slide a thin headband over the hairline and position halfway between the hairline and the base of the knot.  The advantage to using a headband is that it can help secure loose strands along the hairline.

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