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Matt Dillon's Leg Was Set On Fire For Armored

Matt Dillion was on Ellen Degeneres on December 2, 2009 to talk about his latest film work.   Ellen started the segment by showing a clip of Matt in his new film.

Ellen greeted Matt, dressed most in brown, by saying "it has been awhile since you've been here."  Matt agreed "yeah I don't know, three or four years."  Ellen said "yeah I know, I think it was like when you were doing 'Crash' or something like that?  Right?"

Matt said "right, yeah."  Ellen continued "we were in the other studio."  Matt "yeah you had that airplane flying by."  Ellen "yeah that's right, we were writing up in the sky to congratulate you   Matt said "that was very nice."  Ellen "anything for you Matt."

Ellen asked "so you brought a what's wrong with this photo photo?  Is that right?"  Matt said "yeah, I think it's here.  I grew up.  Actually it's a picture with me and my brother, and I don't know how old we were.  That's my brother Paul on the left, the good one looking up.  I think what's wrong with this picture is, well it's Christmas, there's a Christmas tree in the background.  But it's March when this picture was taken.  We like to leave the tree up late at my house."

Ellen asked "is that really true?"  Matt confirmed it was true by saying "yeah, my mom really likes Christmas."

Ellen said "is that really true?  It was March?"  Matt said "yeah, it was March or maybe April."  Ellen questioned "so it was a real tree and it had those needles on it in March?"  Matt said I guess. I don't know. Every year the Christmas tree was there until March."

The talk show hostess then turned to topic to Matt's latest film.  She said "let's talk about the movie, it looks very suspenseful.  It's 'Armored' and it's an inside job.  Right?

Matt said "yeah, it's. We're a team of guys that work for an armored car delivery firm.  A security team.  And it's an inside job.  Usually it's one armored car.  This one's like a double armored car. You know, I think we're looking to pull down 42 million dollars.  You know, times are tough, the economy.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun making it. It was a lot of fun. I play a really manipulative character."

Ellen "and a lot of stunts?"  Matt "a lot of stunts, a lot of action."

The talk show hostess asked "did you do the stunts yourself?"

Matt "I did.  Well I did some of the stunts myself.  You know, you don't want to be the one to sorta whoose out and say 'I don't think so you want to accommodate so the stunt coordinator came over and said 'how do you feel about taking a little fire?' and I said what exactly did you have in mind?"

Ellen said "yeah, what does that mean take a fire?"

Matt "he (the stunt co-coordinator) said "yeah just a little bit of fire or maybe set your leg on fire.'

Ellen "you don't want to say no to that.

Matt made a funny face and continued "no.  So the scene is that I'm laying there and there's been an explosion and I've been blown out of the back of this truck and I'm to wait until the camera finds me and then the director ques me and then I'm supposed to get up and I see my leg's on fire.  So we do one take and I noticed I was getting a little bit warm (he rubbed his thigh to demonstrate) and so afterward they put me out with a fire extinguisher and they said 'oh by the way, if you get even a little bit warm you have to let us know."

Matt explained he asked "why's that" and the stunt guy told him "there's a thing called the creep.  That's when I learned about the creep.  The creep is like if you get warm, you're going to get hot, even after they put you out."

Matt "and I was like, well it would have been nice if you told me before you did the first take.  But the guys, these guys really are, they're great stunt co-coordinators."

Ellen "so when we set that scene where you leg's on fire we know that."

Matt "well no, they ended up cutting that out. Do you believe it?"

Ellen "oh god!"

Matt "they set me on fire twice and they didn't even use it in the movie.  So now I'm just smoldering."

Ellen "I think you were the butt of a practical joke.  I don't think it was probably.

Matt "yeah, there's wasn't even film in the camera."

Ellen said "Armored opens Friday, December 4th, in theaters.

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