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Taylor Armstrong Of RHBH Dating Dallas' Matt Nordgren?

Matt Nordgren

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' (RHBH) Taylor Armstrong is said to have started dating a fellow reality TV star.

The 40-year-old blonde known for her pumped up lips has been linked to Bravo/TV's Most Eligible Dallas bachelor, Matt Nordgren who is 28.  The couple were linked by InTouch magazine.

Seriously?  Is is this just a Bravo/TV mash-up to help amp up ratings for both of the Bravo reality series?  I would tend to think that's probably the case.

Nordgren has been linked on the Most Eligible Dallas series to beautiful blonde singer Neill Skyar.   Introducing the Beverly Hills cougar  into the mix with Nordgren would definitely throw a wrench into the budding romance for the recently reconnected couple.

Openly Holding Hands?

According to InTouch the couple were spotted at both a Top Chef and an MTV party and were reportedly openly holding hands.

Taylor Armstrong

Personally I wouldn't place much weight on the hand holding reports.  An unnamed source  told InTouch that Nordgren reportedly wanted the new widow to "feel at home in Dallas".

No surprise there.  Matt is a Texas boy and raised to have impeccable manners.  Wanting to make Taylor, who lost her husband a few months ago, feel welcome would be totally expected.  Especially since the two are both members of the Bravo/TV reality family.

Who Is Matt Nordgren?

Nordgren is described on Bravo's website as "an all-American, blue-eyed Texan charmer."  Bravo notes that Nordgren was formerly a quarterback at the University of Texas and signed to play football professionally, until an injury shifted his path.

Bravo also describes "the ambitious 28-year old" as "a partner in the family energy business. Matt definitely plays the field, but isn’t a player, when it comes to women."

Bravo also notes that "though Matt is often seen with a different girl on his arm, he's intrigued by the possibilities of an old fling, Neill Skylar who moves back to the city."

Matt Nordgren & Neill Skylar

Bravo describes Nordgren's best friend, Courtney Kerr, as Matt’s “gatekeeper” who definitely voices her disapproval of the women Matt surrounds himself with.

There is also an underlying current of attraction which Kerr and Nordgren's friends see and often reference.

Likes Her Men Younger

Taylor actually ended her marriage with husband Russell two months before his August 15 suicide.

Nordgren is the second man Armstrong has been linked to since his death.  The first was 33-year-old businessman Jeremy Lamer of Malibu, California who is 5 years older than Nordgren.

The blonde recently went on the record with Entertainment Tonight to discuss her ex's shocking passing.

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