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Long Hair Growth Stalled

If you've been reading or my Blog (thank you for both) you probably know I have been growing my own hair long since the 1980s.

A long time but during the period I have experienced period of time when my growth stalled.

There are so many reasons why hair growth stalls including:

1.  Change in weather.  Some people report hair growth stalls when weather becomes significantly hotter or colder.

2.  Periods of life stress including emotional, physical, mental or a combination. 

3.  Extended physical illness can cause hair to actually stall in growth during its natural growth cycles.

4.  Change in diet, especially poor diet habits such as overcompensation in sugar, caffeine, alcohol, junk foods.

5.  Skipping hair growth supplements, vitamins and nutrients.

6.  Not drinking enough water.

7.  Change in prescription medications - adding, changing or stopping prescriptions.

8.  Hormonal fluctuations such as puberty, menopause or hormonal fluctuations leading up to menopause.

9.  Change in birth control pill dosage or types

10.  Not maintaining the length with dusting and/or trimming.  Not doing regular deep conditioning treatments or hair growth supplements.

Experts have documented evidence of an actual physiological link between the mind and body, most notably the immune system. Therefore if you are experiencing mental stress it can actually impact your physical body, including your skin and hair.

It has also been proven that extreme dieting can lead to hair loss and growth stoppage.  Some eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia can lead to hair growth stoppage.

One point to consider is whether or not you are measuring your hair growth consistently with the very same measuring tape and measuring only once a month and from the exact same A to B points.  Sometimes people measure their hair one month with a measuring tape and then use a ruler the next.  This will definitely show different rates of growth.

To get the best look at whether your hair is stalling or not it's imperative to build up 12 months of very accurate measurements so you can determine a pattern to your hair's growth cycles.

Also, it's key not to stress out about your hair growth by measuring more than once a month or you are just adding on unnecessary stress.

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