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Acupuncture For Hair Growth

Acupunture For Hair Growth From My Personal Experience

Back in 2002 I wrote an article on about my many years of experience with acupunture for hair growth. 

Acupuncture For Hair Growth - Actual Acupuncture Needle. Wikipedia - Date - 20 October 2007 - Author - Xhienne Acupuncture For Hair Growth - Actual Acupuncture Needle. Wikipedia - Date - 20 October 2007 - Author - Xhienne

I've been delighted to discover acupunture as an alternative therapy for growing healthy, long, strong and lush hair.

In my original article, which has been copied many times across the Internet (especially by a well-known Singapore clinic) without my permission and which never references as the original article, I discuss my relationships with the late Dr. Stuart Mauro L.Ac., O.M.D.

Note:  If you see any articles about hair growth, hair loss and acupunture mentioning Dr. Stuart Mauro please be advised that the information was likely taken without permission from

Acupunture For Long Hair Growth Image Of The Late Dallas Acupunturist - Dr. Stuart Mauro - Image Courtesy Of Wanda Merrill - All Rights Reserved

My Dallas Acupuncturist - Dr. Stuart Mauro

I first met Dr. Mauro in Dallas, Texas, who passed away in 2011 from complications of a stroke, in 1985 right after I moved from St. Louis, Missouri to Dallas, Texas.

It wasn't my first experience with acupunture treatments which I first started receiving in 1980 from my late husband, Dr. Michael Thayer D.C., L.Ac., O.M.D.

Acupuncture Has Been One Of My Secret Weapons For Hair Growth

In essence I've been receiving acupunture treatments for more than 40+ years for a variety of physical issues ranging from maintaining my overall health including encourage long, strong, healthy, lush hair which as of July 4, 2020 extends down past my hips.

I also utilized acupunture treatments during the times in my life when I suffered from bouts of alopecia related to a past eating disorder and extreme dieting.

Acupuncture For Hair Growth - Images - - All Rights Reserved Acupuncture For Hair Growth - Images - - All Rights Reserved

Not only did many years of acupunture help to strengthen my immune system, I have received needling for viruses, cold, allergies, bladder and yeast infections, stress related physical problems.

Yes, let's not forget the hair loss issues and stalled hair growth cycles from my underactive thyroid gland.

Hair Related Problems Resolved With Acupuncture

Can acupuncture really help a myriad of hair related problems including alopecia and stalled hair growth?

My long time acupuncturist, Dr. Mauro explained "acupuncture can definitely provide help for a variety of hair related problems."

Acupuncture May Not Be Able To Overcome Hair Genetics

Can it fix every known hair growth or hair loss problem?

Dr, Mauro told me more than once "while acupunture can work to help resolve a myriad of health challenges including stalled hair growth and alopecia, it doesn't work for all people, all of the time."

Acupuncture For Hair Growth - Poster Outlining 14 Acupunture Meridians Acupuncture For Hair Growth - Poster Outlining 14 Acupunture Meridians

In some cases genetics override every other possible type of treatment ranging from enhanced nutrition to alternative treatments such as acupunture, acupressure or similar.

As Dr. Mauro notes, sometimes "with certain hair loss genetics such as male and female pattern baldness, the only options include approved prescription drugs (minoxidil and/or propecia) or hair transplant surgeries."

Acupuncture And Hair Loss

Dr. Mauro practiced acupuncture )until his sudden death in October of 2011 related to complications from a stroke), along with traditional Chinese medicine, to treat his patients for every type of possible symptom for over 35+ years.

Along the way, Dr. Mauro successfully treated his patients for all types of hair loss problems "including various forms of severe alopecia."

Acupuncture is a great alternative health option which I have found works extremely well for me, my body, my roots, scalp and hair.   I realize it may not work as well for others due to their circumstances.

After Dr. Mauro's death, I immediately started receiving acupunture treatments from other Chinese acupunture doctors in the Dallas area.  One of the doctors has been treating me on a bi-monthly basis since 2011.

I'm A Walking Testimonial To Acupuncture Treatments

Although I miss the amazing needle treatments I received from Dr. Mauro, my current acupuncturist has continued to keep me, my body and hair healthy, vibrant while continuing to grow longer longer.

As always, let me stress the point that while acupuncture works for me, it may not work for everyone. When considering health care options for yourself, always make sure that you consult with your primary physician.

It should also be noted that in some circles acupunture is considered highly controversial and considered to be a form of placebo treatments.  When in doubt, do your own research and document your own experiences.

Warning:  Before undertaking any type of treatments of any kind, be sure to first consult with your primary health physician to make sure you are an appropriate candidate.

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