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Kawaii Nails Are Wearable Mini Art Masterpieces For Your Fingernails

One of my ongoing challenges with hair, beauty, cosmetics and the like is to figure out ways to keep my information fresh, exciting and unique.

That may sound easy-peasy, but it's not.  Afterall, other than cool marketing names, lots of old standby hair and beauty products just turn up their cool factor by throwing up some edgy names.

Case in point is the new hair "custards" and other food sounding names.  Somebody in the world of hair and beauty discovered that dessert sells.

Afterall, Jessica Simpson used to have a line of edible body creams.  Key words in that sentence is "used to"  Does a sexy or yummy new names really change anything about the formulation?  Usually not but it can create a new buzz.  Until some other edgy names hit the fashion, beauty and hair media.

How do I try to keep my information fresh?  I try to communicate with people (men and women) of all ages and all races who have hair, beauty and related needs to find out what they are enjoying and why.

The team members will tell you that when I'm not working, I'm reading, reading and reading some more.  I also will ask complete strangers wearing unusual hair and beauty related items for more details.  Of course I am always polite and respectful but I have learned about an amazing array of cool products by simply asking.

Kawaii Nails Are The Real Deal

Which brings me to Kawaii Nails.  I was recently at the local Houston's restaurant when I saw a dining patron (Jessica) wearing these amazingly gorgeous nails.  I couldn't figure out whether they were hand painted acrylics or I was going blind.

Of course I had to ask about the nails.  Jessica told me she was wearing handmade "wearable art" nails from Kawaii Nails.  She explained the nails are acrylic and created in central Japan.  The mini nail masterpieces are stunning and easy to apply with the glue provided by the nail company.

Her nails were serious mini masterpieces.  Definitely a conversation starter.  In fact Jessica told me she loves to wear her Kawaii Nails when she goes out with friends because guys love to ask her about her unique and artistic nail designs.  They do look like little masterpieces and they have a 3-D appearance.

Jessica told me she has bought a variety of the Kawaii Nail designs which include everything from food (cupcakes, ice cream) to wild stripes and other designs.  She also said she likes to mix and match the different motifs to get even more attention and generate interest.

Jessica explained the nails come with their own glue and you then apply a clear top coat to make them shimmer and shine.

I truly love nails as a way to express your inner Diva which is why I am such a huge OPI fan.  However, Kawaii Nails is a whole new world that offers quick nail art.  Will I be getting my own set?  Of course.  Why not.

I will be also buying them as Christmas gifts for some of my friends who love changing out their nail art.

How do you check them out?  Go to the Kawaii Nails website to buy your own version of cool nail art.    The website is:

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