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The Hot Nudes For Your Nails - How To Choose?

I recently blogged about the fact that fashion designer Marc Jacobs hand picked OPI nudes for the hands of his models for his 2010 Collection.

The OPI nude shades Marc selected are truly gorgeous and I am definitely a huge fan of OPI anything.

Jacobs hand-picked OPI to provide best-selling shades including OPI Barefoot In Barcelona, Samoan Sand, Malaysian Mist and Dulce de Leche - topped with OPI Matte Nail Envy - as the finishing touch to Jacobs' return to femininity.

(Image to the left of OPI Barefoot In Barcelona - image to the right of OPI At First Sight Fairytale Bride which is an elegant nude with a pink base - Courtesy of - All Rights Reserved)

In fact, as I sit here and type I have OPI Elegance on my fingernails and toes.  I love Elegance from the Diamond series because of all the little sparkles embedded into the polish.  Almost as if I had little diamonds sprinkled across my nails.

However, with every hot new trend comes disclaimers and nude colors on your nails does have a down side.  Who would guess that nude fingernail polish could offer skin challenges, but in fact celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippman, who has her own line of polish, was talking about nude hues back in 2003 when nudes were also a hot ticket item for mani-pedi fans.

(Image to the left of OPI Beige Jing from The Far East Collection and Image to the right of Samoan Sand - Courtesy of - All Rights Reserved).

Deborah told InStyle Magazine "Everyone knows that red nails can be hard to pull off but nudes can be just as tricky."  Why?  As Deborah explained "the wrong nude can make your cuticles look red and inflamed."  Ahhh, definitely not a great look for nails on anyone.  Right?

Never fear, Deborah also told InStyle "fair skin needs cool shades while darker skin needs warm" but when colors are so subtle, which the nudes can be, it's hard to tell the difference.  Of course your favorite nail expert who does your mani-pedis can steer you to the right nude for you but there are also other ways you can enjoy the new nude craze without worrying about creating the wrong beauty message.

So if you know you look good with a pink base versus a sandy base, go with the base that rocks your own skin tones.

One way to test out nudes you love without worrying about a clash, if you can't tell from looking at the shade through the bottle, is to go ahead and buy the nude shade of your dreams but use it on your toes first to see how the color works with your skin tones.

(Image to the left of OPI Canberra'T Without You From The Australian Collection - Image to the right of OPI Miso Happy from The Japanese Collection - Courtesy of - All Rights Reserved).

If it looks smashing then by all means, apply it to your fingernails as well.  If the shade is less than what you hoped for you can keep using the color on your toenails, which are less unforgiving with nail colors than your hands.

In the meantime you can search for a more appropriate nude for your fingernails.

Sometimes you can tell whether a polish is aimed towards cooler or warmer skin by the name of the polish or when in doubt you can always ask the nail manufacturer for their recommendations.  Even the nude hues have different bases which can run the gamut of pink, chocolate, tan or sand.

(Image to the left of OPI Malaysian Mist Image to the right of OPI Polar Bare - - All Rights Reserved).

Nudes, which were tres hot in 2003 are definitely cyling back around so expect to see them on celebrity nails as Spring 2010 dawns.

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