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Hollywood Mane Man Ken Paves Stands By His Woman - Jessica Simpson

Rewind the time machine to the time of beautiful blonde Jessica Simpson before her reality stardom on The Newlyweds, before she squeezed into those famous sexy Daisy Dukes and before she hit the road some months ago to work on her latest Reality TV venture.

(Image of Ken Paves provided to Karen Shelton from Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved).

By her side was Hollywood Mane Man Ken Paves who first met "his girl" Jess, as he affectionally calls her, during a bi-coastal hair emergency.  Receiving a call from her then-agents in New York, Ken was asked to catch a red eye to sew her hair back together after a horrible hair incident.

Ken spent the flight from LA to NYC hand sewing hair pieces together for the star he had not even yet met.  Once they did, it was Kismet.  They not only became instant BFFs, they eventually became business partners launching the wildly successful HairDo™ line under the HairUWear brands.

Through the years since that first meeting Ken has coiffed Jessica's hair into an dizzying array of eye-popping, spectacular hairstyles in a wide range of hues (remember Jess in sultry red?), lengths and textures.  His work with Jessica's tresses inspired Ken to ultimately partner with his famous client to design and create the latest HairDo™, Jessica Simpson wig and clip-on fringes since he would instantly transform Jess with all of those various hair accessories.

Jump back into that tme machine and speed ahead to October 2009 where you'll find Ken Paves still working with Jessica Simpson on their latest HairDo™ designs, attending benefits for the charities they support together (Operation Smile), even Tweeting back and forth on Twitter.  Not to mention traveling the world together on their latest reality show quest.

Ken has been there for Jessica (and Jessica for Ken) through all the ups and downs and has been her biggest fan and supporter during all her various media assaults, including the most recent horrible Fox/TV cartoon disaster.  Through it all Ken stands by Jessica showering her with unconditional love, support and his latest gorgeous hair designs which could put a smile back on any girl's face - celebrity or not - during challenging times.

If you asked Ken Paves to list his favorite things, besides his beloved (and gorgeous) mom Helen, his sugar free Red Bull, trusty Mason Pearson brush, HairDo™ clip-ins, his Blackberry and his YSL cowboy boots you would find Jessica Simpson.

Ken's philosophy about his work with Jessica's tresses?  I have heard Ken say this many times over the years of knowing him "making someone feel beautiful makes me feel beautiful."  Of course being a devoted friend and sticking with Jessica through all the twists and turns of her life and career is just what Ken considers being a loyal BFF.

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