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Anna Lynne McCord Has Hots For Actor Tom Welling

Bonnie Hunt had actress Anna Lynne McCord on her show today (Monday, October 12, 2009).

I adore Bonnie Hunt, she's beyond funny and hit a new high note when she introduced Anna by saying "our next guest is young, blonde. talented and beautiful and just to keep things straight she'll be seated on th left....from 90210......yeah go ahead and feel free to laugh, you can point as well."

("90210" Pictured: AnnaLynne McCord as Naomi Clark Photo Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/The CW ©2008 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved).

Anna Lynne came out in knee high laced up suede black boots over black leggings, a long pristine white knee-grazing corset inspired low cut top and a black suede jacket.

Her naturally curly hair was swept off her gorgeous face and brushed to one side with waves and ringlets cascading down below Anna Lynne's shoulders.

Bonnie said "wow, that's like my goal outfit." Anna Lynne pumped her fist in the air and exclaimed "yesssss"  Bonnie said "I'll borrow if from you."

Anna Lynne said "noooo I'm jealous of you.  Did they tell you?"  Bonnie said "nooo"  Anna Lynne said "you worked with Tom Welling, Tom Welling, I love him."

Bonnie shook her head and said "yeah, he (Tom Welling) played my son.  Anna Lynne said "I always wanted him to call me mommy" and then she laughed, blushed and put her hand over her mouth in a type of oohhhh.

Bonnie went "oooohhhh and laughed and said ....and Anna Lynne McCord reveals way too much on the next Bonnie Hunt Show."   Anna Lynne laughed and agreed "wayyyy tooo much."

Bonnie welcomed Anna Lynne to the show who looked so adorable and smokin'.  She told Bonnie "thank you so much for having me."  Bonnie said "so here you on on the show 90210, do you go back to your own high school days, when you think of it?  Because you moved out of the house at such a young age?"

Anna Lynne said "I did actually, and I was home-schooled, so I'm actually experiencing high school for the very first time on 90210."

Bonnie said "that's interesting, so you didn't have that experience?"

Anna Lynne confirmed "noooo, I was actually home-schooled from kindergarten on up and initally it was kinda like 'really mom and dad?' like um."  Bonnie said "you grew up in Georgia, right?  Did you know that school was a thing that was out there that other kids were experiencing or were you unaware of it for awhile?"

Anna Lynne said "I mean I was only allowed to watch Little House On The Prairie, but even they (the characters) got to go to school."   Bonnie said "oh that's true."   Anna Lynne "so I did know it existed and its always that thing when you're not allowed to do something of course you want to do it and know what it is."

Bonnie said "it becomes more desirable."

Anna Lynne said "ohhh that thing I can't have.  So initially it was about that but then when I learned I could graduate pretty much at my own, whenever I could get done with academics and finish high school, I could do it on my own pace, I started going crazy.  Cut out all the extracurricular activities, holed myself up in my room."

Bonnie asked Anna Lynne if she grew up in Atlanta and Anna Lynne said she had.

Bonnie said "that's pretty impressive, a young kid saying that want to get through as fast and learn as much as I can and get it done."

Anna Lynne said "well I always had respect for people who were young and out there doing their dreams, but had also had the education as well.  It's a hard thing to balance."

Bonnie said "you have two sisters?  Is that right?"  A photo of Anna Lynne with her two sisters was shown to the audience.

Anna Lynne said "I do I have two sisters, there the loves of my life."  Anna Lynne pointed "one's right over there."  Bonnie said "where, wave."  Bonnie say her sister and said "oh hiiii".

She waved at her beautiful brunette and long haired baby sis who was in the audience and is gorgeous just like Anna Lynne.  She told Bonnie "that's my baby sis."

Bonnie said "that's great, I know, I have three sisters too and I can't imagine life without their guidance and love and acceptance....right?"

Anna Lynne said "and you know,  the occasional jokes about me.  She's the jokester, she's the princess who gets to dish.

Bonnie said "now you guys don't share an apartment do you?"

Anna Lynne said "we actually all three live together."  Bonnie said "that's excellent, do you get in fights?"

Anna Lynne said "no, we're perfect."  Then she laughed.  Bonnie said "no I mean about clothes and girl stuff like that."

Anna Lynne replied "umm yes, actually as we speak right now, there are clothes all over, from my room upstairs down the stairs, on the stairs, on the railing, going all the way through Rachel's room from trying things on.  And so we totally, we totally have those fights.  But at the end of the day, you know, we work it out."

Bonnie said "and you and your sisters I know have a charity that you guys work with?"

Anna Lynne said "yes, The Blind Project, yes that's right.  We are raising awareness for sex trafficking.  The name is to kinda open the eyes to the world that there's a slave trade that needs to end.  It's a billion dollar industry that barely anyone knows about...sooooo.  I'm here using my voice as much as I can to try and change that or those lovely children who don't have a voices themselves.  So, I'm really blessed to be in the position I'm in at the age that I'm at."

Bonnie said "that's great." Bonnie showed a clip from 90210.  She asked Anna Lynne to set up the clip by explaining what it was about.

Anna Lynne said "it's really funny.  Naomi realizes she's not so great at grades and testing but she's amazing at dating. So she decides to date the dean's son to get into college."

Bonnie said "wow she's brilliant."  Anna Lynne agreeds "she's a very smart chick, this one.  She is the ultimate going green girl by biking all the way from Beverly Hills to the campus of what is actually USC.  She appears to be biking anyway."

The clip is shown to the audience with Naomi wearing a pink bicycle cap, her hair pulled into a sleek wavy hairstyle and ultimately pulling her bike out of her car with the convertible to down.  She is then shown riding up to a picnic bench to meet with Richard.   He seemed shocked that she rode her bike and she sweetly told him "I'm just doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint."

The audience clapped because the clip was so funny.  Bonnie asked "are you having a good time?"

Anna Lynne said "I'm having a lot of fun."

Bonnie said "Good for you, good for you.  Good luck to your sisters and your projects....I love that you're doing that."

The segment with Anna Lynne ended.

More About Anna Lynne McCord

Known for playing a range of vixen-type roles, Anna Lynne McCord first gained prominence in 2007 as the scheming Eden Lord on the FX television series Nip/Tuck, and as the pampered Loren Wakefield on the MyNetworkTV telenovela American Heiress.[2] In film, she has appeared in the action feature Transporter 2, as well as the thriller Day of the Dead.

In 2008, she was the second actor to be cast in the CW series 90210, portraying antiheroine Naomi Clark.[3] Initially, the part of Clark was conceived as a supporting role. However, by the end of the first season, various media outlets had begun referring to McCord as the series' lead.[4][5]

Apart from acting, she has also contributed to charities in her free time, and has been labeled by the Look to the Stars organization as "one of the strongest young female philanthropists standing up in Hollywood and fighting for the charities she believes in."[6] In 2009, McCord was nominated for a Teen Choice Award,[7] and received the Hollywood Life Young Hollywood Superstar of Tomorrow award.[8]

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