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Anna Faris Gave Wine To Parents To Prepare Them For Latest Movie Role

Anna Faris was recently on The Jimmy Kimmel show.  Jimmy introduced Anna by telling the audience she has a new movie coming out with Seth Rogen called 'Observe and Report' scheduled to open on Friday, April 10th.  She was wearing an old black outfit including teeny tiny shorts.

(Anna Faris at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'Observe and Report' Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA.  04-06-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Jimmy told her "you look fantastic."  She was wearing her platinum blonde hair in a messy ponytail.  Jimmy said "thank you for coming."  Anna said "thank you very much for having me."

Jimmy said "you started like Vin Diesel as a bouncer.  No you started acting as a pretty young person, right?"  The reason Jimmy teased Anna about Vin Diesel was because he had just been on the show and talking about how he started life as a bouncer.

Anna said "yeah, I was started when I was nine."  Jimmy "yeah that is young."  Anna "yeah, my parents put me to work. No, but I started out doing a lot of dramatics and then ended up, my first comedy was Scary Movie and all my family and friends were shocked. They still are."

Jimmy said "what do you mean they were shocked because you talked about your parents.  What do your parents do for a living?"

Anna's Parents - Their Careers

Anna "well they're both retired now. And my dad was a professor for many years and then was in advertising.  My mom was a teacher and raised us and."

(Anna Faris at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'Observe and Report' Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA.  04-06-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Jimmy "so very smart people.  Are they reserved?"  Anna said "they hate it when I talk about this but they are very liberal politically but very conservative."  Jimmy said "that's how my parents are.  They pretend to be and then ohhh nooo, you can't talk about anything."

Anna "it's true and so with this new movie I, Observe And Report, its the most offensive movie...I've been a part of some offensive movies....but"

Anna Gave Parents Wine Before Showing Trailer For Observe And Reports

Jimmy "oh really?"  Anna "I sure have."   Jimmy "but this one is a topper?"  Anna laughed "this one is."  Jimmy "so where they upset when they saw it?"  Anna "well they haven't see it yet."  Jimmy "oh really"  Anna "I just showed them the trailer."  Jimmy "and what did they say?"

Anna "well I had to give them some wine before I...."  Jimmy "how much wine?"  Anna "a bit, a bit for sure.... And my plan was I was going to give them some wine and I casually suggested, you know we should check out this trailer for this movie I did on the home computer sooo."

(Jody Hill at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'Observe and Report' Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA.  04-06-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Jimmy "so they're on the Internet."  Anna "yeah they're on the Internet soooo.  I gathered them around the computer and we watched the trailer, and its the R Rated trailer so um."  Jimmy said "and what goes on in this trailer?"  Anna said "well, um, there's some lovemaking...and she laughed."  Jimmy said "uh huh."  Anna said "without a love involved.  Not a lot of loving but the making is a part of it, but uh."  Jimmy said "you thought this it the time I should show this to mom and dad and break the ice."

Anna's Parents Reacted To Movie With Total Silence

Anna said "yes, yes, I want them to be prepared. And usually when I show them they are usually very very supportive.  They're very loving, we're really a close family.  And usually they are very receptive (laughing) even with the Scary Movies, but this time they were silent. They didn't say a word."  Jimmy "really, ohhhh, nothing?"  Anna said as she demonstrated "have some more wine."

Jimmy said "let's find the hamster on the piano, that sort of thing, they said nothing about it?  So you changed subjects and moved on to something else?"  Anna said "yes, changed subjects.  I've played some outrageous characters, so I know they're supportive and I know that, but this movie in particular is quite outrageous and...."

Movie Is Dark But Very Very Funny

Jimmy said "I've heard its very dark and very, very funny. And I think people might think its like Paul Barton, Mall Cop or something...but its not at all like that. Unfortunately for your parents."

Anna laughing "noooooo, it sure is not.  You know I was really excited to be a part of this movie to work with Seth Rogan and Jody Hill and it was great, its great to be a part of a movie that's so unapologetic.  I mean almost all of the characters are so unlikeable, including my character.  She's the most awful character I've ever played and yeah.....she's pretty great."  Jimmy said "wow your parents must be delighted."

Anna Won The Stonie Award

Anna laughed and said " I was just playing myself."  Jimmy said "you won a very prestigeous acting award recently"  Anna said "I'm so glad you brought this up."  Jimmy "the Stonie Award I believe it was called.  And who present the Stonie Awards."  Anna said "the only award I've won is The Stony Award from High Times Magazine.  I'm so proud...laughing."

Jimmy "and what qualifies you to win a Stonie? What do you need to do to even be nominated for a Stonie?"  Annie said "I'm not sure.  I, you know, I'm a good sport.  The award itself is a bong."  Jimmy "it is?  Really."  Annie "yep, and its on my mantle.  And I'm very very proud of it.  It says Best Actress, yeah."

Jimmy "wow, really, and is it a working bong or decorative?"  Anna said "it's been used."  Jimmy said "oh, it has been used, I see, I see."  Anna laughed and said "now I'm really gonna be in trouble."  Jimmy "yeah, you are going to be in a lot of trouble. Boy when your parents find out about this."

Anna "I know."  Jimmy "I hope they don't gather around the computer and watch it tonight. Do they (Anna's parents) come to the Premiere with you?  Are there ways you manage them?"

Anna's Parents Will Probably Not Attend Premiere

Anna said "they love it.  They usually, they love sort of doing that whole thing and I love having them there.  This one with Observe And Report I said ya know...maybe you guys should stay home.  With this one."  Jimmy said "and wait until it comes out on video?  Will they go to the theater and see it?"

Anna "yeah, I'm sure they will.  I'm sure they will."  Jimmy "but they won't yell out...that's my daughter afterwards?"  Anna "oh they probably will.  Well they're going to be the only people over 50 in the theater probably...."

Jimmy showed a clip of the movie but first before he showed it said "well lets find out what's bothering your parents so much.  Do you need to set this?"

Anna said "this is a clip where my character (Brandy) has just been flashed in the parking lot by the pervert - what we call the pervert.  I don't think he's a pervert, I think he's wonderful.  But my character's a little traumatized."

Jimmy showed the clip of Anna being questioned by the police.  Observe And Report opens April 10th.

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