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Klorane chamomile for blond hair makes new additions to line

Klorane chamomile for blond hair

Apothecary favorite brand makes new additions to existing product line, long-favored by fair-haired starlets.

Native to Mediterranean regions, Matricaria recuitita L. Chamomile, a large and very aromatic annual plant, has been used since ancient times.

This particular variety of chamomile, Matricaria recuitita L., was selected by Klorane more than 40 years ago for its high content of natural pigments that attach onto the hair scales without penetrating to the core of the hair fiber. It lightens blond hair and gives beautiful, very natural highlights to light brown hair.

Celebrity fans of the product include fair-haired lovelies Kate Hudson and Patricia Arquette.

Created with the Phytofiliére of Klorane, the chamomile range including shampoo, conditioner cream and vinegar rinse and is a real hair care program for all types of blonds: natural, highlighted or color-treated.

Matricaria recuitita L. Chamomile also has softening properties, giving hair brilliance and shine, without altering the hair fibers in any way. It is, therefore, suitable for the whole family, particularly children.

Klorane shampoo with chamomile for blond to light brown hair

Specially formulated for natural, highlighted, or color-treated blond hair, the fluid, golden texture of Matricaria recuitita L. chamomile shampoo gently cleans the hair, gives it shine and leaves it delicately fragranced.

Directions for use: Apply to wet hair and massage into hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly.

Results: The hair is soft, supple and easy to style. Leaves hair radiant and glossy, and blond highlights are bright.

SRP: $13.00 / 6.7 oz. and SRP: $18.00 / 13.4 oz.

Klorane conditioner cream with chamomile for blond hair

Ideal for dry and damaged blond hair, Klorane's conditioner cream with extract of Matricaria recuitita L. Chamomile, highlights, repairs, detangles, and nourishes hair without weighing it down. Rich in repairing agents, its creamy pearly texture and delicate fragrance thoroughly repairs the hair, making it soft and supple.

Directions for use: Apply to hair lengths and leave on for a few minutes after shampooing; comb though and rinse well.

Results: The hair is repaired and is therefore radiant, glossy, and soft to the touch.

SRP: $14.00 / 5.1 oz.

Klorane vinegar rinse with chamomile for blond hair

Based on a traditional recipe, Klorane's vinegar rinse is rich in Matricaria recuitita L. Camomile to bring radiance and light to the hair. Used either pure or diluted, it smoothes the hair scales, removes the calcareous residue and restores unrivalled brilliance and shine to the hair.

Directions for use:

The vinegar finishing rinse can be used in 2 different ways:

1. Rinse hair with cool water prior to application. Apply 1-2 capfuls of pure undiluted rinse all over hair then wash out.

2. Place 1 ounce of vinegar finishing rinse in a container with 10 ounces of cool water. Mix and then pour all over hair as a final rinse.

Results: The hair is easy to detangle, and radiates beauty and shines brilliantly. The blond hair of your childhood is restored.

SRP: $15.00 / 6.7 oz.

Available at boutique apothecaries nationwide.

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