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How To Treat Dry Hair With Chamomile Mask

How To Treat Dry Hair With A Chamomile Mask

Brilliant Shades Of Blonde Brilliant Shades Of Blonde

I spent a lot of happy hours in the kitchen of Los Angeles based celebrity hairstylist Robert Hallowell.

He shared lots of great hair recipes with me.  During one of my visits he told me how to treat dry hair with a Chamomile Mask.

Robert told me the Chamomile Mask hair recipe would help get my dry scalp and strands ready for Summer. I warned him I didn't have a lot off patience for complicated formulas and he promised me his mask was very easy to do.

Chamomile Mask - Will It Lighten Hair?

He also explained the chamomile can add a hint of brightness to naturally blonde or highlighted tresses like mine.

Although it can add shimmer and shine, chamomile can't provide enough powerful lift to add blonde hues to brunette or dark red shades.

Bridget Fonda, one of Robert's long time celebrity clients loved his treatment for her light colored tresses.

It's no surprise Robert's many celebrity clients including Lucy Liu, Courteney Cox, Mary Louise Parker and Sarah Jessica Parker nicknamed Robert "The Kitchen Beautician. 

Long Blonde Hair With Waves Long Blonde Hair With Waves

Chamomile Mask Ingredients

You will need the following items:

6 organic chamomile tea bags

1/2 cup of organic Greek yogurt

5 drops of organic lavender essential oil

1 cup of water

Directions For How To Treat Dry Hair With Chamomile Mask

Follow the directions below:

1.  Boil 1 cup of water until boiling.

2.  Immediately turn off boiler.

3.  Add the 6 organic chamomile tea bags.

4.  Let them steep for 20 minutes.

5.  Remove the tea bags.

6.  Add yogurt and lavender essential to the water.

7.  Mix well.

8.  Set mask aside while you prep hair for application.

Long Blonde Vibrant Hair Long Blonde Vibrant Hair

How To Prep Hair For Chamomile Mask Treatment

Complete the following steps to prep hair for the treatment:

1.  Completely detangle hair with a wide tooth comb.

2.  Wash hair in lukewarm water with a diluted formulation of shampoo and  water.

3.  Create the formula by adding 1 teaspoon of shampoo to 1 quart of lukewarm water in a clean plastic bottle.

4.  Shake it to create a foam.

5.  Get hair completely wet with lukewarm water.

6.  Apply the suds from the shampoo formulation.

7. Drizzle the formulation along the roots.

8.  Pat the suds down the length of your hair.

9.  Rinse well.  Finish with  a lukewarm water rinse.

10. Towel blot and use fingers to remove excess water.

Once you've cleansed your hair and all the excess water has been removed, apply the Chamomile Mask.

Candy_02_250h Paul Mitchell - 21 Shades Of Blonde - Candy Blonde - All Rights Reserved

How To Apply Chamomile Mask

Use your fingers to apply the chamomile formula from the roots down to the ends. Make sure to focus the mask to the most dry parts of your scalp and hair.

Apply plastic wrap and/or shower cap. Allow formula to remain on the hair for 20 minutes.

Rinse well with lukewarm water. Apply a little bit more of the shampoo foam.

Rinse well with lukewarm water and finish with a cool/cold water rinse.

Towel blot, apply appropriate rinse out conditioner or leave-in conditioner and styling products.

Summary - How To Treat Dry Hair With A Chamomile Mask Final Notes

Blonde Long Bob - LOB - With Straight Side-Swept Fringe Blonde Long Bob - LOB - With Straight Side-Swept Fringe

After you have completed the Chamomile Mask treatment, consider letting your hair air dry. Remember, heat drying can undo some of benefits of the chamomile treatment.

Remember that this treatment can be used to alleviate dry scalp and strands.

It can be used 2 times a week for dry scalp and strands or 4 times a week to add shimmer and shine.

Store any leftover treatment in a clean glass jar and refrigerate. Double or triple the recipe for long or very long hair.

Keep applying the Chamomile Mask as long as your hair continues to respond to the treatment.

More About Robert Hallowell

This blog is dedicated to Robert Hallowell who is an amazing hairstylist. If you would like to contact Robert to make an appointment please call him in LA at 213-925-4035 or 323-221-6779.

Besides being amazing with home hair remedies, he specializes in naturally texture hair, extensions and hair color.  Please tell Robert I sent you and blow him a few air kisses from me.

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