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No Light Darkening Sleep Masks

Announcing Weber's newest invention the No Light Room Darkening Sleep Mask. It is a low cost way to "darken a room" and then sleep comfortably in the dark - anywhere - simply by wearing this, light weight "No Light" Room Darkening Sleep Mask.

Originals By Weber, Terry L. Weber, of Toms River, NJ announces immediate availability of their latest invention a uniquely designed (and long-over-due) low cost and very efficient light blocking sleep mask.

(Image of Light Blocking Sleep Mask from Originals By Weber, Terry L. Weber of Toms River, NJ - All Rights Reserved).

It allows the wearer to sleep anywhere with no bothersome lights in the eyes. A wearer can feel he or she is sleeping in complete darkness any time, anywhere.

With the No Light mask on, it will seem that the wearer is in a completely dark place, even when in the bright light of the sun, or in a room lit with glaring overhead fluorescent lights.

For more than ten years Weber's masks, all made in a number of different formats, have been used to meet a wide variety of customers' needs for ways to cover eyes.

These Weber masks are used as: blindfolds, as eye covers during sensory testing in schools, as protection during MRI and radiology examinations (there is no metal in any of these masks), by patients and doctors in hospitals, during a variety of yoga events and in entertaining games at parties.

Specifications: No Light Sleep Masks are made of a laminate of two different thicknesses of black foam material. The outside of the mask is a thin (1/8"thick) molded foam plastic. On the inside there is a layer of soft sponge-like ½" thick black foam with cut outs for eyes and eyelash clearance. An adjustable 3/16" wide elastic strap holds the mask securely on the user's head.

In addition, on the inside of the mask, there is Weber's unique "washable liner" (affixed with Velcro) that is designed to keep the inside of the mask fresh and clean during weeks and months of daily use. In this way the useful life of the No Light mask is extended over a long period of time thus saving money for the user.

Weber's new No Light Room Darkening Sleep Masks are priced at $13.95 each (with free shipping within the USA).

For more information, or to order, write to: Originals By Weber, Attention Terry Weber, 338-39 Alabama Avenue, Toms River, NJ 08753. Or go to website:

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