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Jose Cuervo Platino Launch Party - 7Senses

One of the many perks about working for a very trendy and fashion forward company - not to mention doing your best to look absolutely scrumptious when needed - is you find yourself on many VIP guest lists for events and parties around town. Everything from fashion shows, to gallery openings, to DJ guest parties, and yes the inevitable launch party.

Enter Jose Cuervo - and the launch party for their new PLATINO tequila.

Platino Tequila

Right off the bat I am wondering...Platino as in Platinum? Or are they trying to say Latino? Or Platinum Latinos? Is this code for something?

So down to 7Senses I go with both of my plus ones in tow - or rather my plus two - as soon as we valet we are greeted by a swarm of scantily-clad girls with masquerade masks, excitedly ushering us into the warehouse turned gala, where we are greeted with our own masks for the evening.

The interior was absolutely exquisite: plush velvet seating with the most comfortable pillows you've ever landed your tush on, silk drapes, fabulous lighting, and ample room to dance, mingle, or just relax and watch the slow melodic movement of the go-go dancers.

Although "Dallas legend DJ Wade Hampton" was a bit slow in keeping up with his moniker he eventually caught up to speed. Although it took him quite a while to realize disco wasn't cutting it - we ended up dancing the night away to some great house music!

After dancing, eating, drinking, more dancing, mingling, networking, more dancing, more networking, and a final strut through the dance floor we eventually decided it was time to go - eventually referring to when my feet started getting very fussy about my heels still being wrapped around them...and off we went.

And yes - we were given free access to sample the new tequila in any fashion we pleased through-out the night...

On the rocks...only drink if you truly want hair on your chest - or if you just ate something poisonous and need to pump the contents of your stomach within 5 seconds...I actually took a big swig thinking the waitress was kindly serving me ice water...not pleasant...funny...but not pleasant

Made into a margarita... superb with two olives, two cherries, and a twist of lime

Mixed with ginger ale...which is actually better than it sounds

Made into a Platino Martini...if you're a fan of traditional martinis you would probably want to pass - but if you just like drinking out of the glasses then go for it

Saddly enough, I wasn't a tequila girl before the party and I'm still not. But the masks, the dancing, and my fabulous plus two gave me plenty of fun and a thumbs up for Jose Cuervo's Platino Tequila.

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