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Big Brother 11: Michele Shares Her Competitive Job With Jeff

Jeff and Michele were hanging out in the yard today (Monday, August 17, 2009) sitting on the lawn furniture and talking about the game.

(Image of MIchele from Big Brother 11:  holding a Big Brother Housekey after hearing she had been picked to enter the Big Brother 11 house - - All Rights Reserved).

Michele reported to Jeff on Russell's latest conversations with her.  She said Russell wants Michele to be in the final two because he feels she's a "super villain" and has "done a lot of bad stuff in the Big Brother House" and will not be voted by America.

Russell Is Paranoid

Jeff and Michele talked about how "paranoid" Russell is about everything and how he told Michele that Russ and Michele should try and win all the next Head of Households and Power of Vetos to control the rest of the game.  Jeff in his practical wisdom pointed out "it would be impossible".  Michele said "neither of us are superpowers."

Jeff said he is not going to even worry about the "Final Two on Big Brother" because it's just not worth it to stress over the final part of the game and to just go with the current daily flow.

Michele's Job - Working Seven Days A Week

The conversation turned from the Big Brother game, Russell's paranoia and Jordan sleeping in the HoH Room to Michele's work.

Jeff said "I hate working" and Michele said "I work every single day of the week."  Michele explained to Jeff that she works seven days a week with her research and she has to "fight hard and faster than some other labs and she is under lots of constant pressure."

Michele said "I'm very worried about a paper" she wrote right before "she left for Big Brother" but didn't finish because it needed one little thing but she may be screwed at this point.

Big Brother Is Relaxing Compared To Michele's Real Life Job

She said "while she's in Big Brother her competitors will all find out she's on BB and will try to hurry up and write the same paper and try to steal her research."  She told Jeff "that's done all the time and her work in the lab doing research is extremely stressful."

Michele told Jeff that being on Big Brother 11 with all the stress and competitive nature if "very relaxing" compared to "her work in the real world and in the lab environment."

Jeff was so sympathetic and really seemed interested in what Michele had to say.

Michele said about her work "it's very competitive and drives you crazy."  Michele said "you get ahead (in her career) by the number of papers you publish".

Michele noted "a lot of people get scooped" and her work is very competitive and drives people nuts."  Michele said "you have to pay them to publish them."  She also said "I make less than a high school teacher."

Michele Should Counterfeit Money

Jeff was shocked by the highly competitive nature that Michele is in with her current work.  Jeff said teased Michele and said "geez...why don't you work on counterfeiting money for the next five years."  Jeff said "it seems like if you have the most money you don't seem to get diseases."

Jeff said it's a "good thing for people like you and doctors (with illness) because I wouldn't know what to do."

Getting Old Brings Disease

Michele said "no one wants to get old because of all the diseases."  Jeff said "I think when you get old your mind shuts off to an extent and its a good thing because you're not focused on dying.  Like my grandma was talking about little kids, so if your mind is in a good spot or state you don't really with my grandma she didn't know what was going on and her thoughts were good and she was thinking of her husband and my dad as a little kid."

Jeff said "I think your mind shuts off of that."  Michele agreed.

Michele said "Michael J. Fox got Parkinson's disease early which totally sucks and his foundation sends money to labs of Michele's friends to help with research and such."  Then Big Brother shut off the conversation because of liability issues.

Stem Cell Research

Jeff and Michele also talked about animal research and stem cell research with human embryos.  She said her work is extremely controversial and she has to spend a lot of time in ethics classes.

Michele she tries to keep the fact she does testing on animals (like rats) quiet because so many people are upset about that.  She noted that it's essential to do testing to help cure the many diseases out there.

Jeff & Michele Talk About Their Dogs & Cat

Jeff told Michele "its the worst when your pet dies."  Michele said "I hate to think about that and my dog."  She also shared that when one of her dog's got into a fight she wanted to go to work and get her scalpel and tools and suture her dog's ear which was half torn off and her husband wouldn't let her.

Jeff said he had a cat "and it was really cool" and the cat's name was "Whiskers" and "it was brown and white and swirled.  And it was an awesome cat and it would come down and lay on him" and the cat was really nice to him but not nice to anyone else.

Michele said she had two dogs and she and her husband wanted to get a cat as well but decided it would be a bad idea to have two dogs and a cat at the same time.

Jeff's Chocolate Lab That Had An Eating Obsession

Jeff said he grew up with "a chocolate lab".  Jeff said "it was so fat it looks like a pot bellied pig."  He explained "it jumped on the counter like a puma and ate his dad's birthday cake - the entire cake."

Jeff said the chocolate lab "ate so much food and it was so fat it had an obesity problem."  Jeff said he loved his lab that he had growing up and he loved his cat.  But he couldn't figure out how that chocolate lab ate so much food and got so fat except that the dog "loved to eat" and would "eat anything."

Is it any surprise that both Michele and Jeff are animal lovers?  I certainly wasn't surprised.

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