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Big Brother 11: Who Russell Believes Will Be In Final Two - Live Feed

As always things are getting crazier and crazier at the Big Brother 11 House as times goes by.

(Original Big Brother 11 Cast - LR - (Standing) Jeff, Jordan, Bradon, Chima, Jessie, Lydia, Russell, Laura (Sitting) LR Kevin, Michele, Casey, Natalie, Ronnie - - All Rights Reserved).

Can you even imagine being locked up in a house for days, weeks, months on end without any real contact with the outside world and constantly being watched by the Big Brother team?  If you watch the Live Feeds you capture all sorts of interesting tidbits of conversation.

Not only do I watch the continuous Live Feeds, when I remember to set the Tivo, I watch the nightly Showtime recaps which includes commentary by Julie Chen - the show's gorgeous hostess. 

In a recent live feed Russell and Lydia, who are both up on the block for possible eviction this week as a result of Chima, were chatting while hanging out by the hot tub.   Lydia and Russ are actually bonding since they are both now on the "hit list" for the next elimination ceremony.

During their chat Russ showed a softer side.  He confessed to Lydia he ultimately wanted Ronnie out of the Big Brother House because he didn't believe he could beat Ronnie.  He noted that Ronnie was a very strong game player and probably could have gotten to the final two and a chance at the $500,000 prize.

Lydia asked Russell who he thought, at this point, had the best chances for winning and Russell named who he thought would be in the final top two.

Russell said he thought at this point Michele and Jeff had the best chances for making it to the end.  He, on the other hand, admitted he likes being the villian in the house and has in essence made every single houseguest angry at him.

Well, except Lydia, who has been hanging out with him more, to the consternation and anger of Kevin, her strongest house ally.

Besides Lydia, who is very entertaining with her constant make-up, hairstyle, accessory and fashion changes, Russell is very interesting to watch.  He alternates between screaming and yelling at various house guests to being soft, kind and reflective.  He shared some gentle moments with Jordan talking about his homelife and how he had to share a small bedroom with his brothers and sisters.

He also spent a lot of time calling Ronnie "the Rat" and telling Michele she was nuts and needed professional help.  He has screamed at Lydia, who ultimately forgave him and Chima, who didn't.

While it looks like Russell's days are definitely numbered and he will probably be going home this Tuesday after the Eviction Vote, there is still the chance that Jeff might save Russ at the last minute with his secret power, which the Houseguests are calling The Wizard Power.

If Jeff tells anyone he has the power of Coup d'Etat, awarded to him by America's vote, he will instantly lose it.  So far Jeff has been keeping his mouth shut, even to Jordan, his constant sidekick and budding showmance partner.

Will Jeff save Russell from eviction?  Hard to say.  Russell is a fierce competitor and will go after his enemies if he is allowed to stay.  if not, the game will change again.

Meanwhile I am watching Russell to see if he shares any other pearls of wisdom.  Ronnie, wherever he is should be proud of the fact that Russell wanted him out because he feared he would win the entire game.  That's high praise indeed for Ronnie although he certainly doesn't have a shot at that $500,000 now.

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