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Chima Doesn't Want Russell & Will Probably Nominate Him For Eviction

While watching a live Cam on CBS's Big Brother I captured an intimate girl talk between Chima and Michelle in the Head Of House bedroom which Chima just won in the most recent HOH contest.

(Screen Shot Image of Michelle & Chima talking together during Chima's latest Head Of Household Reign on CBS Big Brother 11 - All Rights Reserved - CBS).

During their chat Chima was talking to Michelle about who she is probably going to nominate for the next Eviction.

It's interesting to see how Michelle acts in a real cam situation.  Not only does she drop the F bomb a lot, but she seems very different than she does on camera.  Chima actually seems the same in most respects.  I was not surprised by Chima like I was by Michelle.

Chima told Michelle that Natalie and Jessie didn't want to backdoor Russell at all when Ronnie was on the Eviction Block with Lydia.  Chima said in "hindsight which is 20/20, Russell should have gone home."

Chima said that Ronnie told her he was worried if he didn't put Russell up that ultimately Russell would send Ronnie home.  Chima pointed out Ronnie was absolutely correct about Russell being Ronnie's downfall.

(Image of Russell, Chima and Michelle having a confrontation when Russell was Head Of Household about whether Chima wanted to backdoor Russell when Ronnie was on the eviction block - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

Chima told Michelle she  (Chima) remembers wondering why Braden was sent home.  Chima told Michelle "Braden was harmless".  Chima and Michelle also said that Laura was not a threat and Michelle pointed out she couldn't have won anything.

They did agree, in their private talk that Casey was a good one to go and he was the perfect one to go because he was a threat.

Chima and Michelle also talked about Russell and how he thinks all the ladies in the house "want him".  Chima pointed out that

Chima said "the threat in the house is Russell and has been since Day One."  Chima said if she had to vote for Russell to win $500,000 she would have "to kill herself".

Chima said she would rather go up in the end against "another woman" and "someone who played the game the right way" and "we got there and were winning" and weren't going around the house "being mean spirited".

It is fascinating watching Chima and Michelle talk about the Final Two and who to get to the end.  Chima is convinced that the biggest threat at this point is Russell and that it is her job to put Russell up.

Watching Chima and Michelle chat gives the impression they are BFF.  Chima said Russell "knows how to charm the ladies"  she noted Russell was being "extremely charming" and she believes there might be "a nice guy under that exterior."  She even said "wake up Chima".

Chima said "Russell said he was worried about the girls in here playing the guys.  Russell has warned all the guys".

Michelle spent most of the private conversation with Chima as basically agreeing with her.  Michelle pointed out that Russell's "paranoia has ruined everything."  Michelle said "I thought we were friends throughout this game" and to "know all the things he twisted".  Michelle said "I was balling outside"  she said "I opened up more to Russell than Jordan and Jeff."

Chima agreed that "Russell is really good" at making women open up.

Michelle was sharing about her past love relationships and said other than her husband she has only been with one other man in her life.

Chima said while she might come across as "a man hater" she isn't a man hater.  She did say "I'm a girl's girl and I really want a woman to win."  Chima said her girlfriends won't put a man in front of a woman, especially a man who doesn't deserve it.

Chima said you think Lydia is "Team Girls" but she's not.  Chima asked Michelle what was going on with Lydia and Jeff? They talked about the fact that apparently Lydia was trying to come on to Jeff right in front of Jordan.

Chima pointed out she connected with Lydia on "fashion, music, make-up and not to say that's not good enough to connect on".

Chima said "I like knowing what I'm going to encounter with her or each person."  Chima told Michelle that Lydia, especially in the morning, reacts in such a way as if you "killed her dog" and interacting with her is "a little nerve wrecking."

Watching the two ladies, Chima and Michelle gossip was truly eye opening on so many levels.  If you haven't watched the 24 feeds and you love Big Brother, I encourage you to do so.  It will change your opinion about your favorites and what is really going on in the House.

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