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Big Brother 11: Chima Quits The Competition In Extreme Anger

During the previous week Chima proudly ruled the Big Brother 11 roost as the Head of Household.

(Jessie was Evicted Last Night from the BIG BROTHER House by a Vote of 3 to 2 on Thursday August 13 . Photo: Best possible screen grab/CBS ©2009 CBS BROADCASTING INC. - All Rights Reserved).

She also talked non-stop about her extreme hatred of Russell who called her the Chia Pet because of her could of cascading ebony hair.

When Russell told Chima in the kitchen she should have been on America's Next Top Model instead of Big Brother she told him he should have been on America's Next Top Terrorist.

Russell told the terrorist comment because he was born in Lebanon.  However, Chima defended her position by saying Russ was terrorizing the entire house, not that he was from the Middle East.

When it was announced that a secret Coup d'Etat power had been bestowed by America on one of the House Guests Chima began a stream of threats that if Big Brother let someone overthrow her power she was going to turn into an animal and would not tolerate her power being overthrown.

Indeed, because of the worries over Chima's reaction if she threw a fit over Jeff's use of the Coup d'Etat power the "live" show was taped to avoid any explosions from Chima.

When Jeff exercised his America provided Coup d'Etat power he removed Russell and Lydia from the eviction block and put up Jessie and Natalie.  Jessie was then voted off the show in a shocking overturn of Chima's power.  She was beyond furious, as she promised she would be.

Chima Quits The Big Brother House

After enduring six weeks on "Big Brother" Chima lost her temper, basically threw a temper tantrum and quit.  Big Brother edited some of the events surrounding Chima's resignation but the bottom line is that her anger drove her over the edge over the Coup d'etat power.  She blamed the producers even though America voted for Jeff to have the power.

I for one also voted for Jeff to have the power.  I paid money to text in my votes.  If Jeff had not used the Coup d'Etat power I would have been disappointed.  I am sure Jeff was aware that America overwhelmingly voted for him to use Coup d'Etat to shake up the game.  Chima did not win the secret power and as a result she was furious she did not get to control the outcome of Russell's continued participation.

It's a game and anything can happen.  Quitting in anger just showed Chima to be a sore loser who could not roll with the punches and who took everything way too personally.  Even her grandmother was quoted as saying Chima needed to take things less on a personal matter.

Not only did Chima look bad and incredibly weak, she actually did the other Big Brother House Guests a favor by walking out.  It thinned the ranks even further make the double eviction questionable for the week.  Will it still happen?

In a Live Feed of today - Saturday, August 15, 2009 - Michele and Lydia were talking in the kitchen about Chima's resignation.  Both women agreed Chima should have stayed instead of letting her anger and rage push her over the edge.  Lydia and Michele agreed they respected Chima but if she had really been their friend she would have stayed to play the game.

Chima was visibly upset about the fairness of the coup on Thursday night's show, and even made some disparaging comments about production during the broadcast.

Beware of the following Spoilers that will air on Sunday night!

It appears that on Friday Chima and Natalie were both put up for eviction by Michele who is the current HoH.  This also had to enrage Chima because she had befriended Michele while she was the HoH plus the fact they were on the same original Genius clique when Big Brother 11 first started.

Shortly before the ensuing Veto Competition Chima worked herself to a major rage and literally threw her portable mic pack into the hot tub.

Natalie tried to fish the mic out for Chima but Big Brother production made an announcement over the loudspeaker telling Chima to put her mic back on for the cameras.

Chima refused.  Fighting broke out on the cameras and then the live feed cameras suddenly went dark. After the cameras returned, Chima was completely absent from the house. Poof, she was gone.  No interviews with Julie Chen in front of an audience of hugs and kisses from the House Guests.  At least not that we know of.

During the Live Feed, which I watch non-stop, the House Guests were making comments that indicated Chima walked away from the competition.  Did she walk away or did the producers get tired of her attitude, threats and blackmail attempts and tell her to leave?  Did she go to the Jury House with Jessie or did she leave the show completely?

The current thought of the House Guests is that Chima will NOT be in the Jury Room and that Ronnie may come back to vote instead of Chima, which would be bad news for Michele who Ronnie hates.

How to the other House Guests feel?  They appear to be in shock and angry over her letting her emotions get the best of her.  The House Guests are already upset about the sudden turn of events which evicted Jessie.  Now Chima is gone as well.  All within approximately 48 hours.

It appears the production team is going to make Chima pay for the damage she did to her mic pack.

At any rate as of today, Saturday, August 15th, the Big Brother House is ghostly quiet and somber.

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