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Big Brother 11: Showmances - Love Blossoms With House Guests?

Although I'm brand new to Big Brother this season, from what I can gather from past seasons, having a Reality Show Romance or a Showmance, is often a way to get temporary protection.

In Season 11 of Big Brother there are a couple of Showmances which are developing.  The first Showmance that seemed obvious developed between Jeff and Jordan.

(Pictured: Jordan - Best Possible Screen Grab - BIG BROTHER, Thursday, August 6, 2009. ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Although there has been no clear cut intimacy between Jeff and Jordan there was a point where Ronnie the Ratt interrupted the cute couple while making out.

Jordan has told the camera she and Jeff were only kissing and she enjoyed it.  To date there has been no obvious physical interaction other than kissing.   Jeff and Jordan's Showmance is continuing as of the present time.

The second Shomance was between Russell and Chima.  What actually happened between the couple is unclear.

Russell recently told Lydia that Chima got in the shower with him and made serious physical advances, including touching him in an intimate way.  Did that really happen?  It's hard to know if it did or didn't.

(Pictured - Russell, Chima - Best Possible Screen Grab - Houseguests prepare for the eviction ceremony, on BIG BROTHER, Thursday, August 6, 2009. ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved).

Russell has been very erratic in his behavior towards Chima and the other women in the House.  At various times he formed alliances with Chima, Lydia and Michele.  It appeared that a Shomance was developing with Russ and Chima until they have a blow-up and Russ claimed he was locking his Head of Household door because Chima was trying to seduce him.  Chima was outraged and denied she wanted Russ in any way.  A screaming match ensued.  After that point Chima was gunning for Russell.

Once Chima became the first women to be named the Head of Household (HOH) she immediately nominated Russell for eviction.

(Pictured - Russell - Big Brother - ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved).

Since Russell had already had a meltdown with Lydia and Michele, it appeared his days in the house were definitely numbered.  As of today (Sunday, August 9th) Russell is still a House Guest but it is undecided if he will be saved or not.

Jessie and Lydia also appeared to be on the path to a Showmance but Natalie came between them.  Is it because Natalie had designs on Jessie or because she didn't trust Lydia to have a romance with Jessie which could leave her vulnerable?  Regardless, Lydia continues to make subtle advances towards Jessie.

In a live Feed today (Sunday, August 9, 2009) Lydia confessed to her ally Kevin that she and Jessie had "kissed" but that was the extent of their physical intimacy.  She also noted she had snuggled with him and he is "very sweet."  Lydia obviously has a thing for Jessie but it is unclear how he feels about her.

If Russell manages to survive the next eviction it is even possible he may try to have a Shomance with Lydia since he seems to be putting the moves on her.  Is it because he things she is a cute girl, as he has implied, or because he wants a new ally to help him?

Which Showmance Will Survive Big Brother 11?

Most Showmances formed on Reality TV shows don't survive once the show is over.  However, it appears Jordan and Jeff might actually keep the romance alive after Big Brother is over.  A lot depends on how they do when the circle closes and one of them is up for eviction and can't be saved.

Ultimately it appears Lydia genuinely has an interest in Jessie but as long as Natalie is on the show because she shadows Jessie like a big guard dog.  If Natalie were voted off the show and Jessie remains with Lydia, there might be some new sparks.

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