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Great Hair Doesn't Help You On Big Brother

Introduction - Great Hair Doesn't Help You On Big Brother

David Girton - CBS - Big Brother 15 - 2013 David Girton - CBS - Big Brother 15 - 2013

Yes, I've been watching reality TV's ratings winner Big Brother (BB) for several years.  It's one of those shows which I have a love/hate relationship with.  I love the challenges, the great hair and all the gaming.

I hate the lying, cheating, stealing and vicious personal attacks which I believe has a universal ripple effect.

It used to be my own personal hypothesis that the Big Brother House Guests (HG) with the best hair lasted the longest in the house.

Season 15 of BB has already shattered my long held hair belief with the recent eviction of 25 year old blonde surfer hair god, David Girton.  Great hair doesn't help you on Big Brother, if David's demise is any indication.

Although David was the first to leave the house as part of a targeted coup by The Moving Company, a key BB alliance, the few weeks he lasted on the show his hair was a big focus.

The life guard from San Diego, California could often be spotted finger picking, ruffling and flipping his long highlighted blonde hair which fell into a long wave across his forehead.

After Julie Chen delivered the news of David's eviction, he was flipping and finger twirling his signature side-swept wavy fringe as he sauntered across the stage to do his post-interview in front of the audience.

Not only did David grab a lot of attention for his picture perfect hair, he snagged a Showmance with 22 year old blonde Aaryn Gries.  It was a Blondemance made in Reality Hair Heaven.  When the hair god and hair goddess hung out together you could see them flipping, twirling and basking in their glorious blondeness.

Aaryn Gries - Big Brother 15 - CBS - All Rights Reserved Aaryn Gries - Big Brother 15 - CBS - All Rights Reserved

Of course in the end, David's Blondemance with Aaryn led to his ultimate demise.  In fact, in her taped farewell message to David, 28 year old Florida real estate Amanda Zuckerman said as much.  She told David it was unfortunate he had a Showmance with "the biggest bitch in the house" and it was his downfall.

While David's picture perfect blonde tresses may have helped him snag some under-the-covers action with Aaryn, ultimately it was his Achilles Hell.  Ask any rapid BB fan and they'll tell you Showmances can be risky, especially early in the game.

Yes, it worked out for Jeff and Jordan (Big Brother Seasons 11 & 13), but many Big Brother fans believe they were the exception to the rule.

Beautiful Blonde Hair Has Not Helped HG Aaryn Griess

Meanwhile having beautiful model perfect blonde hair has not helped Aaryn Gries either.  Not only has her Blondemance with David already angered many of the House Guests, her over-the-top racist and homophobic remarks have resulted in her being fired from the modeling agency she was represented by.

Furthermore, many Big Brother fans have developed an intense hatred for Aaryn for her personal attacks on the other House Guests.  Many fans agree with Amanda Zuckerman that Aaryn has already shown herself to be "the biggest bitch in the house".

Summary - Great Hair Doesn't Help You On Big Brother

While it's nice to watch Big Brother 15's focus on hair happenings, I now believe great hair doesn't help you on Big Brother.

Don't believe me?  Just ask David Girton who was probaly shaken to his core when he went home and watched the Big Brother live feeds and various tapes involving his Blondemance partner Aaryn Gries.

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