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Ouidad's Tips For Loose Frizz Free Curls

Ouidad (pronounced wee-dod) is the self-proclaimed Queen of Curl. This amazing woman (I am a huge fan since I first chatted with her back in 1997) has been talking about natural curls in the media since the 1990s.

Not only has she been talking about ringlets, she has been developing a series of products designed to address all types of curl patterns, lengths and profiles.

She also wrote a How To curl care book which has been a top seller amongst people with curls.

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Tranforming Tighter Curls To Looser Curls

In 2002 Ouidad told Elle Magazine when asked how to get frizz free curls "women with tighter curls should run a light gel through damp hair, wrap medium sections into buns, and diffuse until dry." She also said this method "retains the curl pattern to be looser and calms the frizz."

Ouidad's Products For Loose Frizz Free Curls

Over the years Ouidad has dedicated her career to helping people with curly hair. During that time she has developed an amazing line of fabulous products designed specifically for curly hair.

Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel - Product Description

This product is ideal for achieving those loose frizz free curls Ouidad talks about in the previous Elle Magazine article. Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel was the 1999 Allure Magazine winner of Best Defrizzer.

[amazon-product text="Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel" type="text"]B000260KIY[/amazon-product]

The product contains European wheat resins, vitamins and plant extracts which are activated by heat and humidity to tame, smooth and control unruly curly hair in hot or humid climates. The strong all-day hold is alcohol free and protects hair from styling heat. Leaves hair soft, manageable and full of shine.

How To Use?

Apply to palm of hand and work evenly through moist hair. Do not rinse out. Set or style hair as usual. Ouidad is sold through and is also available through Ouidad as well as other locations.

Final Notes

Please keep in mind that while Ouidad's products are beloved by many with natural curls, no products work for all types of hair. In all the years I have been writing about hair care products I have yet to find a single products from any hair manufacturer that works for all types of hair.

While many adore Ouidad's Climate Control some curly haired critics have noted it may initially feeling stiff although others have noted it ultimately relaxes. The majority claim it blocks frizz which is what it is designed to do.

Ultimately you will have to judge for yourself what products will work best for your hair type, curl pattern, texture, length and condition.

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