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America Votes For Secret Power For Big Brother 11

Jordan had to pick three Have Nots.  Jordan didn't want to upset anyone and not become a target.  She threw names in a Graduation Hat and pulled out three names for the week's Have Nots.

(Image of Big Brother 11 House Guests - CBS - All Rights Reserved).

Jordan pulled out Natalie, Kevin and Jessie.  Of the three, Jessie took the Have Not assignment with the worst attitude.

Natalie said she didn't mind sleeping on a slab and taking cold showers.  Jessie said he couldn't believe his fate was in the hand of Natalie.

Jeff had a little pow wow with Jordan in the kitchen when they were alone and told her he had made a deal with Russ and he knew for a fact that he and Jordan were completely safe.  Jordan said "are you sure?"  Jeff said "yes".

This week really shakes up the house because America will be voting to give one of the House Guest a "secret power".  Ronnie is shown saying he hopes America will realize he would use any power wisely.

Russell gives everyone a tour of his new Head Of Household (HOH) room which includes photos of his family and his brother, who has the same eyebrows as Russell.  Kevin said that Russell's mom is "hot".  Russell got a letter form his pops and he read the letter out loud to the rest of the House Guests.

Apparently Russell almost lost his dad.  Russell said his dad's letter brought the competition into focus for him.   He said he can only hope he is making his dad proud.

Now that Russell is the new Head of Household Natalie is campaigning to get rid of a few people

Russell and Jeff have a secret pow wow in the Head of Household room and Russell promises Jeff that he is going to honor their deal.  Jeff told Russell it is hard to trust anyone in the House and he said he felt good about his decision.

Russell talked to Jeff about the differences they had in the beginning and it was because they were both the Alpha males.  The two guys talked about partnering up.  Jeff said that he and Russell together as partners would be "game changers" and "nothing could stop them."

America has the Coup d'Etat which allows the House Guest to overthrow the Head of Household.  America can text in their vote for Coup d'Etat.  Squid And Squash is the food selected by America for the House Guest Have Nots to eat all week.

Lydia goes up to Russell new Head Of Household Room and gets in bed with Russ and proceeds to suck up to him.  In the past Russ and Lydia had words with Russ screaming at Lydia.  While sitting in his bed Lydia tells Russ he shouldn't trust Natalie and/or Jessie.  She tries very hard to suck up to Russ and put some doubt into his mind.

Jessie, Natalie, Jessie and Sheyma go and visit Russell after Lydia leaves and Russ tells them what Lydia said.  Chima gets really pissed off about Lydia.

Natalie and Sheyma talk about Lydia as "a bi-polar drama queen."  Meanwhile Ronnie goes to talk to Russell and tells him he hopes he is "not part of the deal" and is not going to be "put up."

Russell said "this place is confusing man."  Ronnie tells Russell his allegiance is to him, Jessie, Natalie and Shyema.

Russ said "I don't like the attitude not to play the game."  Russ tells Ronnie he is "not in danger."  Russell tells Ronnie he's not in any danger even though he promised Jeff he would vote Ronnie out.  What the hell?

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