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Michelle Wins Power In Big Brother 11 - August 4th

In a surprising demonstration of skilled bluffing and related poker playing skills Big Brother's Michelle won the Power Of Veto which not only made her exempt from being put up on the block but opened the door for her to form a new alliance from Russell and win respect as well as fear from other House Guests.

(Image of Michele , 27 yrs, of Pasadena, California - Big Brother 11 - Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS - ©2009 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.,. All Rights Reserved)

Russell is determined to dump Ronnie who is a little nervous about his faith but ultimately believes he will figure out a way to survive against Lydia who is the other person on the block for eviction this week.

Although the 27 year old Michelle was originally in the Brains Clique with Ronnie and Chima, the ever manipulative Ronnie The Rat, as Russell calls him, threw Michelle under the bus in the first week of voting trying to throw suspicion onto her for the eviction of Bradon. 

While Ronnie was initially successful at direction suspicion onto Michelle, she managed to fly under the radar during the evictions of Laura and Casey.  She also managed to win two Power Of Vetos.

Michelle has proved more than once that she is the true brains of the Big Brother House and not Ronnie who has put her down for not being as smart as he is.   As the 27 year old Michelle noted, she has a Ph.D so even though Ronnie degrades her brainpower, she had to have some smarts to achieve such a high educational level of success.

(Image of Michele , 27 yrs, of Pasadena, California - Big Brother 11 - Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS - ©2009 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.,. All Rights Reserved)

While Ronnie campaigned for Michelle to save him, so did Natalie and Jessie.  Michelle went to Russell who is the Head of Household for the week and formed an alliance with him.  Russell previously formed a secret alliance with Jeff and Jordan.  As a result of the addition of Michelle to his secret support team, Russell is actually getting stronger than Jessie or any of the other players.

Although it appeared that Lydia might be formed a love connection with Jessie, Natalie has pushed her to the side and is never far from the bodybuilder's side.  Russell pointed out his concerns for the tight connection Jessie and Natalie have formed with a side comment about how Natalie doesn't do much but cling to Jessie.

At this point in type Lydia's only obvious ally is Kevin who couldn't save her when he lost the Power Of Veto Contest.

(Image of The Original Brain Clique of BIG BROTHER, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Pictured (l-r): Michele, Ronnie, Chima Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2009 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

When it came time for Michelle to use her Power Of Veto (POV) she shocked the House Guests, except Russell, by choosing not to save either Ronnie or Lydia who are still on the block to go home.  The only thing that could possibly save either of the two potential evictees is by America giving them the secret power of Coup d'Etat.

The eviction vote will take place in two days on Thursday, August 6th.  Will Ronnie The Rat finally be booted out of the Big Brother House for all of his lying, cheating and manipulation?  Or will Lydia be kicked out since she has lost all obvious support except for Kevin.

Luckily Jeff and Jordan are completely safe and deliberately flying low in the house this week to avoid any additional danger to their positions.

Although it might be a given conclusion that either Lydia or Ronnie will be kicked out on Thursday all bets are off due to the Coup d'Etat secret power.

(Image of Michele , 27 yrs, of Pasadena, California getting prepared for a Power Of Veto Match - Big Brother 11 - Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS - ©2009 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.,. All Rights Reserved)

Who will America give it to and will they use it this week or save it for the future?  Only time will tell.  As they say on TV....stay tuned.

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