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Emma Watson's Hair Color - Gorgeous Natural Fade From Blonde To Brunette

Two years ago in 2007 British Harry Potter babe Emma Watson started to worry she was becoming too tied into the famous wizard films.

In short, the natural dark golden blonde tressed Hermione Granger was worried she would be forever typecast for her witchy role.

(Image of a very blonde Emma Watson as she stops by The Late Show with David Letterman at The Ed Sullivan Theatre, New York City, July 11, 2007 - All Rights Reserved).

To branch out into new directs the gorgeous actress with naturally straight, medium thick strands signed to work with a modeling agency.

Her decision approximately two years ago was triggered by a need to recreate herself like fellow actor Daniel Radcliffe did when he performed Equus on Broadway.

When questioned about her model mode the lovely 19 year old said "fashion's great because you're able to recreate yourself whenever you want."  She explained "my way of getting casting directors to look at me in a slightly different way was modeling."

Another form of recreation will come in the Fall of 2009 when Emma moves to the US to attend university.  She has told the media she is looking forward to some time out of the limelight.

Stepping Up To A Whiter Shade of Blonde In 2008

In 2008 Emma recreated herself by going much blonder and brighter than her natural darker blonde hue.  It showcased her as more of a glam girl than her previous hair colors.

(Image of actress Emma Watson with darker brunette base and gold highlights at the film "The Tale of Despereaux" photographed in Los Angeles, CA. December 5, 2008 - HBMedia - All Rights Reserved).

Now that Emma is back again in July 2009 promoting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince she has again recreated her haircolor.

Gone is last years baby blonde highlights interwoven throughout her creamy blonde base and replacing it for 2009 with a deeper multi-layered golden base with

Emma Watson's 2009 Hair Color - Vanilla On Toast

Emma's gorgeous base hair color is a light brown toasted base with rich golden-blonde multi-dimensional highlights and some vanilla to baby-blonde highlights painted throughout the end sections of her strands.

This hair color design provides a beautiful looking natural fading of colors from a darker brunette base to lighter baby blonde ends as if Emma has been hanging out at the beach or growing out a former blonde base.

Needless to say her gorgeous natural fade looks very beautiful.

(Image of Emma Watson visits NBC News' "Today" to talk about her new film "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" - NBC Photo: Virginia Sherwood Airdate: Thursday, July 9, 2009 on NBC (7-11 a.m. ET) - All Rights Reserved).

Emma's hair color works fabulously because it has depth and variation.  It is very compatible with her skin tone and her eye color."

Don't Try This At Home

First ask your professional hair colorist if your skin and eye tones are compatible with the light toasted brown base and the vanilla blonde highlights.  If not, ask your haircolorist for tones which are custom designed to flatter your skin and eyes.

Don't try to recreate a multi-dimensional haircolor look like Emma's at home since the highlights can get tricky.

(Pictured: (l-r) Natalie Morales, Matt Lauer, Hoda Kotb, Emma Watson -- Emma Watson visits NBC News' "Today" to talk about her new film "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" - NBC Photo: Virginia Sherwood, July 9, 2009 - All Rights Reserved).

If you desire more dimension and variation of color consider having multi-layered darker lowlights interwoven throughout the base.

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