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Jennifer Hudson's Possible Baby Bump Causes Goggle Madness

The beautiful and amazingly talented Jennifer Hudson captured the attention of hordes of Gogglers (on Goggle) after the recent Michael Jackon funeral due to the prominent appearance of a very large babylike bump she displayed in the stunning white dress she wore during her performance.

(Image of Jennifer Hudson performing at Michael Jackson Memorial - CNN & - All Rights Reserved).

The ongoing question of is she, or isn't she, pregnant has haunted the award winning performer since May when rumors of a private baby shower in her honor were held with close friends and family.

The bigger question is why would Jennifer neglect to comment on an impending baby for her and her future husband?

For The Record

For the record I don't care whether Jennifer Hudson is pregnant or not.  I just care that cares and many of the other gossip sites.  Afterall, it is celebrity buzz (check out and I do pay attention to that due to the fact that when a celebrity is in the limelight, whether good or bad, her hair, fashions, accessories and related beauty habits are also highlighted.

Since I care very much about Jennifer's hairstyle, color and who her hairdresser is, if she is getting tons of attention for whatever reason, I am also checking out the rest of the package.  Which is what I am currently doing.

Dominating Goggle - #2 Search Question For One Hour

Part of the issue with the big question about Jennifer, which by the way recently dominated Goggle as the #2 search term for one hour (according to  after the Michael Jackson memorial where she performed is why she would avoid providing her fans with a simple explanation.

Do the fans and the media have a right to know?  I guess that depends on who you talk to.  Is it her private business?  Some people believe she has a right to keep her personal life private but when a celebrity is in the public eye and it appears very obvious that something is happening, like an obvious baby bump, many people believe the celebrity should come clean.

Afterall, why not focus on how gorgeous Jennifer looks and how amazing her voice is and not on whether or not she is or isn't pregnant.  A simple statement released to the media by her people would put the matter to rest so us fans could go back to focusing on her latest hairstyle, fashions and amazing singing style.

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